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Pack and Load – A Perfect Solution for Small Moves

At Arpin, we know that every move is not the same. And sometimes, thinking “inside of the box” can save you time and money.

Obviously the size of the move will impact the services you’re looking for. A small move will have different factors to contend with than a larger move. Still, the stakes of a smaller move may be as big as a move two or three times its size, so it’s important to have a small move solution that meets your needs. This is where a quality small moving company can make all the difference. If you’re looking at small moving companies, Arpin Van Lines has a perfect solution for you.

When you are only moving a few items, or have a small move to a new state, we have a better option –Priority Relocation Service. Learn below about how this enables us to be a small moving company and why we’re a notch above other small moving companies.

What Is Priority Relocation Service?

We combine our international expertise with our domestic moving process to deliver your stress-free move that saves you time and money. Priority Relocation Service is an innovative program that enables us to be a small moving company. We use shipping containers to hold and move your items, simplifying packing and transportation, and allowing you to have access to your belongings faster, so you can focus on settling into your new home. This hybrid solution was designed for the small move in mind, and we are proud to offer this service to our customers. Priority Relocation Service is perfect for small moves cross country, small moves across the state, or small moves that are local.

Priority Relocation Service provides the following benefits for those looking at moving companies for small moves:

  • Professional packing into a professional shipping container
  • Faster transit and delivery times
  • Simplified pricing for improved budgeting
  • Specific pick-up and delivery dates
  • Performance in less time than the industry average
  • Decreased potential for loss or damage to your household goods

When shopping around for small moving companies, remember that Arpin has the resources, moving experience, and history of excellence to facilitate your small move. Call 877-856-4660 to get started.

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