De-Cluttering Services

To save money, you may want to reduce the quantity of items you are moving.

Get rid of anything that’s worn out, badly damaged, or soon to be replaced. Anything that will not fit in your new home should be discarded or left behind. Make sure your furniture will fit through doorways and up or down the stairs, both in your old home and your new home. Think twice about moving any items made of particleboard, such as shelving or storage units. Particleboard items do not normally travel well, since nails and screws may become loose when the item is moved. If you insist on moving these items, it will be done at your own risk.

Draperies, curtains, and rugs
Make sure these items will fit your new home’s floors and windows before you consider taking them with you. If you do decided to take them, consider having them cleaned before moving day and leave any protective wrapping on them for extra protection.

Kitchen Supplies
Go through all your cabinets and discard any items you don’t use. Use up your perishables and frozen items before you move. If you have canned goods or other non-perishable items, consider giving them to a food bank or soup kitchen.

The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn something in two years, you probably never will. Give these items to a homeless shelter or charitable group.

Outdoor equipment
If swing sets, barbecues, picnic tables, lawn mowers, and TV antennas are in good condition and you’ll use them in your new home, take them with you. Otherwise, find out if the new owners or your neighbors are interested in buying them from you. After you finish sorting through your belongings, take stock of the items you are not going to move. If you give them to charity, make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes. You may also want to have a yard or garage sale to dispose of these items and make a little extra money.

Save Money, Be Green
Need help to get rid of your Junk? Please contact your local Arpin representative for a list of things you can do to de-clutter.

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