Thomas B. Summerville, SC

Professional, Seamless, and No Hassle

We hired Arpin Van Lines Inc. to move us from Illinois to South Carolina. The movers arrived on time. They came in and packed up everything. They even moved my husband’s car in the van, and it got here without a scratch. They held our furniture at the site for three days because we had to do all our paperwork in selling the house and then drive down to SC. We had a pre-arranged delivery date. They called us along the way to say it was going well and they expected to arrive on time. Then they called the day before and said they’d be here on that date and gave us a timeframe to expect them. The truck arrived right on time. They unloaded all the boxes and drove the car off the truck. Everything was effortless and seamless. Arpin Van Lines Inc. movers were very professional. I can’t say enough about them. I’ve recommended them to two of my friends!