MARK F. St. Petersburg , FL

Customer for about 25 years; they are such a great company. Handled a really big move for us this time around and did a really good job.

I’ve been using Arpin Van Lines for about 25 years. They initially handled corporate relocations for me and they did a great job, though eventually I no longer needed them for corporate jobs so I continued calling for personal moves. This last time we used them it was for a moving/packing/storage job, a pretty big one. We were moving from California to Florida. Everything was really well coordinated, they did the moving and stored our things in a warehouse in San Francisco for 4-5 months, and when it got closer to the time that we were moving into our new home they moved everything to a warehouse closer to us in Florida. Then they delivered everything from there to our new address. We stayed in contact with them and they kept in contact with us, so the whole process was really well organized and went smoothly (if you don’t stay in contact with them, that’s when there are problems). This was a big move so it was expensive, but we’ve done a lot of moves and looked at other companies and their costs are pretty spot on for the work they do. When doing price considerations you should really be keeping quality in mind as #1 and pricing as #2, because you do get what you pay for – and with Arpin I’ve always has great experiences. They do such a great job that I’ve just stuck with them all this time, they’re really easy to work with. I also have to say, for all the years I’ve used them nothing has ever been damaged. As someone who’s been using them for 25 years I do highly recommend them, and I will definitely continue to use them.