Marie C. Encanterra , AZ

Long Distance Move Is Successful

Everyone that I came into contact with at Arpin Van Lines Inc. was extremely helpful. Ron who came out to give me the original quote was very nice and he quoted the initial move from my house to a local storage unit. They base the quote on the number of rooms and the furnishings.

The move to storage went well. The movers were pleasant and worked very well in getting everything on the truck packing and protecting the items that needed it, such as clothing in the box hangers and coverings for anything glass. The protection of items was really good. There was only a couple of things that I had to take myself to storage that the movers missed putting on the truck. If I had not been able to move those to storage myself I would have called them back but I was able to do that myself and I believe if I had called them they would have been happy to return and pick up those items. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal and took care of it myself.

Nine months later, after my house was finished being built my things were then loaded from storage and moved to another state. My daughter was there to supervise the loading and said it went very well. The movers were careful and considerate of all of my belongings. The moving truck arrived as they said it would and only took them a few days to deliver. Everything was fine when they delivered with only one thing damaged and that was a table or chair leg leveling part which for me was not a big deal and they took care of that right away. These movers were hustling from the time they arrived and placing everything where I directed them to place it. Very professional and extremely hard working! Everything was numbered and as they unloaded it I was able to mark the item off the list and that ensured that all my things were delivered and nothing was missing. This is a great way of keeping track.

This company was referred to me by my realtor and they were absolutely spot on! I would recommend them to others. My experience was a long, long move and I really feel like I am at home now! I’d like to thank them for their courtesy and hard working!