Charles R. Okemos, MI

Repeat customer with multiple five star moves

I have had four Arpin interstate household moves (1000+ miles each, 8000-9000 lbs) with perfect results.
1) Arpin provides Not-to-Exceed estimates (important for self pay customers such as me). They stand by their maximum estimated cost even if the actual weight exceeds their estimate and they charge the appropriate cost if the weight is less.
2) Arpin lets me do the packing which provides a major cost savings and allows me to do custom crating to my satisfaction for electronics and crushables. They did a great job of wrapping and protecting my bulky items (furniture) and were extremely careful handling my load. Net result…no damage to any item.
3) All the trucks arrived for loading at the origin and unloading at the destination at the planned day/time.
4) All the loading and unloading was performed very efficiently by people that understand the value of time. They also took great care to avoid any soiling or damage to the house.
5) They provided great support from the local office.
6) I have not written a review prior to this, but after four identical results they are clearly in a class by themselves.