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What Will Your Move Cost?

Move Your Way! Arpin offers you three ways to get a fast personalized move quote.

  • Use our Ball Park Move Cost Estimator to immediately determine the cost range for your move with Arpin Van Lines. Just a few clicks on our moving van lines website, and you can receive an accurate move cost estimate.
  • Schedule an In-home move estimate to get a personalized and accurate move quote based on a full survey of the household items you plan to move.
  • Try our Virtual Move Survey to get a move estimate without the need for us to visit your home. Using your mobile phone, we can connect, remotely survey your household items, and deliver a fast and accurate move quote.

In-home or online, Arpin will provide an accurate estimate and help you avoid costly move day surprises. Never ask yourself where can I find quality movers near me at an affordable rate. Arpin Van Lines movers near you will provide you with the best moving services, a competitive move quote, and no surprise costs.

Start your free no-obligation move cost estimate today.

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Understand liability concerns during your Arpin move.

Even when every precaution is taken, accidents can happen.

That’s why it’s important to understand Arpin Van Lines‘ liability in these situations, and how our valuation and protection plans can help keep your belongings safe.

Our carrier liability form explains Arpin’s valuation grid for pricing and liability descriptions.

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How To File a Claim?

Even when every precaution is taken, accidents can happen.

We want every move to go perfectly, but sometimes there are bumps in the road. When mistakes happen, Arpin wants to ensure we do everything we can to resolve the problem. If you need information or help filing a claim for damage to any of your items, our professional claims representatives can help. Just call 855-405-9293 and dial option 3 to speak to a claims representative or email

If you’ve experienced any loss or damage to your belongings, please do not repair, dispose of, or relocate any item on which you are submitting a claim. Additionally, if an item was packed in a carton and the carton was damaged, please keep the damaged carton until the claim review is complete. Your cooperation in this regard should help expedite the claim review process.

For your convenience the online claim form can be completed and submitted to our claims department within nine months of the date of delivery to your residence.

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