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Marta H. Manassas, VA
Great crew, great service
This was our first time using Arpin Van Lines Inc., and I just can't say enough about how great they are. It really is a daunting process to find a moving company because the reviews are really scary out there. I just didn't know what to do. Thankfully, a friend of my son - who has a landscaping business - told me about Arpin, and he highly recommended them. So, i looked them up, and they had really good reviews, and everything seemed to be on the up and up, and I decided to give them a call. Once I called them, I immediately knew they were who I was going to use. They explained how everything worked, and they are very systematic. They really know what they are doing. They were the most expensive, but I felt like it was worth it because I knew i would get my stuff, and it would be in good condition. With all the other companies I checked into, all I heard was nightmare stories. I really loved the driver and crew in Virginia. We had to move from Virginia to Florida, and it was not summer and it was not the best weather, either. We sold our home in Virginia about four months before we found a home to purchase in Florida. So, we did our own packing, and we had to put our stuff in storage for awhile. Our stuff was actually in two different storage places. The moving truck didn't fit into the second storage place, and the lady didn't want to open the gate in the back because it was late in the day. I was ready to just sit down on the floor and cry, but the driver worked it out and talked to her until she agreed to open it for us. I just appreciated that so much. He was just great. I also loved the crew in Florida. It was the same driver, but he hired a crew here, and they were all just fantastic! In the end, we got all of our stuff, and this company just went above and beyond to make sure that we did. In all of the packing that I packed myself - but they moved - I only had one broken glass out of all of it. I thought that was just phenomenal. I would definitely use Arpin Van Lines Inc. again (but hopefully I won't have to - at least for awhile), and I highly, highly, highly recommend them!
Chuck D. Cadillac, MI
Excellent Service
Highly professional. Very helpful in assisting us with move. Had items going to three different locations and the staff made it seamless and hassle free for us. All our items arrived in perfect condition and within the timeframe quoted. Our other items also arrived at their perspective locations without any problems. Communication with the company was top notch. We highly recommend this company to all our friends.
Maddens Transfer & Storage .. Saranac Lake, NY
Reliable! Quick!
We are also a moving company. But when we have customers shipping stuff out west, we give Arpin Van Lines Inc. a call. We don't ship that far ourselves, so Arpin works with us on those jobs. We have a direct line with them for this kind of work. They are reliable and get the job done quickly. We've been using Arpin for quite a while and will continue to work with them! Arpin Van Lines Inc. does a good job!
Jessica P. Canonsburg , PA
Highly recommend
Steve and his crew was absolutely amazing and made this move as easy as possible for us!! Our move to Pa wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for him and crew!! I highly recommend to everyone!! Steve and his crew was also able to complete the job a day early.
Lloyd G. Bethel, CT
We had a good experience with our long-distance move.
We had a good move with Arpin Van Lines Inc. from Connecticut to Florida. When we moved back to Connecticut from Florida, we tried another company that was connected with Arpin but then canceled them because they weren't as good. I would recommend Arpin Van Lines Inc. but not its affiliated company.
Lezah P. San Antonio, TX
The team of packers & movers were awesome. Very efficient and paid great detail in care for my home furnishings.
I would totally recommend them.
Patricia F. Port Orchard , WA
I would recommend the company and overall, they did a great job!
Arpin Van Lines Inc. has handled two moves for me. This last time that I used the company they moved me from Georgia to Washington state. I will say that my first experience using them was much more pleasant than my second experience. The movers that they sent out were fine. They were courteous and very hard working. They were timely and packed everything in boxes for me. After that, they took all of my belongings and drove them to a holding place at their loading docks. They reloaded my belongings onto the long-distance moving trailer. The length of time that it took for shipping was as expected. Unfortunately, there were a couple of things that were broken like two bookcases. Also, a couple of craft tables measuring about six feet long wound up missing. I believe that they never made it onto the long-distance trailer and were left behind at the loading docks. I did call around to a few companies and I think Arpin Van Lines Inc. offered fair pricing in comparison to the other quotes that I received from top major companies. I have already recommended the company to others and I might consider using them again if I needed that type of service. Overall, they did a great job.
William M. Winter Haven, FL
They were good.
I don't have any complaints about the job done for me by Arpin Van Lines Inc. They did the work they were supposed to do and they did it well. I recommend Arpin Van Lines Inc.
Andrew K. Houston , TX
Great move
James D. Mc Minnville, OR
After having them do a long-distance move I definitely would use them again in a heartbeat!
I recently moved and tried Arpin Van Lines Inc. for the first time. I have no complaints! The movers that they sent out were very efficient and did the job quite well. First, I had them packed up the entire contents of my home and then made a long-distance move to Oregon. The company provided me with a quote and much to my surprise I received one thousand dollars back after the move was completed. They did not know the exact dollar amount until the truck had been weighed. I am happy that they overestimated the amount and receiving the check back was amazing! There was some very minor damage or which I do not fault the packers. I advise everyone to get insurance because I had it and they covered everything. The minor damages got fixed. I highly recommend using them. Although I hope never to have to move again I definitely would use Arpin Van Lines Inc. again in a heartbeat!
Donna G. Coventry, RI
They do good work!
This was our first time using Arpin Van Lines Inc. We hired them to pack everything in our home for us. Everything was to be stored along with our furnishings. We were not moving into our new home for one year. I found them to be very thorough, quick, and efficient packers. It was a very positive experience and I highly recommend them.
Chris R. Nellysford , VA
Excellent! I would recommend them to anybody!
It's been a few years since Arpin Van Lines Inc. moved me but I still remember what a great experience it was. I previously had a bad experience with a large moving company that subcontracted out their work, so this time I knew I wanted to use a smaller company that I could keep tabs on. One of my neighbors in Texas used Arpin and had positive things to report, so I went with them. They moved me about one thousand miles. The whole experience was very good. They packed me up in 2015 but then the move took place a year later. Everything made it safely except for the standing part of a vacuum cleaner. No big deal. I'm very happy I chose Arpin Van Lines Inc. and would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Jeff W. Silver Springs , MD
Very Good At What They Do! Excellent Experience!
Arpin Van Lines Inc. were absolutely excellent! Their crew was on point and did a pretty unbelievable job! The first guy that came out to estimate the weight, because they charge by weight, was off significantly with his estimate but they agreed to split the difference with me and not charge me for the full actual weight which I thought was amazing! The crew showed up to load up from the house I was selling and honestly they had everything loaded and ready to go without damaging one single thing in the house that I was selling! The following week the driver arrived with my belongings an was supposed to back up on the street but he was amazing and was able to back up right to the house. I had paid for and scheduled to have a shuttle from the truck to the house but because the driver was so good that was not needed and Arpin Van Lines Inc. credited me for that charge. The shuttle was already there but still they did not charge me! This truck showed up at about 8:00 a.m. and they were finished unloading by 2:00 p.m.! There were 8 to 10 total crew that really did an excellent job. The only damage and not worth mentioning to the company was one pasta bowl got broken and a toaster oven with a tiny dent, neither one was a big deal after all the things that they moved that day! I had interviewed three other companies for this big move and I felt pressured by those other companies but when I interviewed Arpin Van Lines Inc. I felt like they really were interested in doing a good job for a good days pay without pressure! This was my first time using them and if I ever move again, which I hope I do not, I would give them a call first! I highly recommend this company, they are very good at what they do!
Marie C. Encanterra , AZ
Long Distance Move Is Successful
Everyone that I came into contact with at Arpin Van Lines Inc. was extremely helpful. Ron who came out to give me the original quote was very nice and he quoted the initial move from my house to a local storage unit. They base the quote on the number of rooms and the furnishings. The move to storage went well. The movers were pleasant and worked very well in getting everything on the truck packing and protecting the items that needed it, such as clothing in the box hangers and coverings for anything glass. The protection of items was really good. There was only a couple of things that I had to take myself to storage that the movers missed putting on the truck. If I had not been able to move those to storage myself I would have called them back but I was able to do that myself and I believe if I had called them they would have been happy to return and pick up those items. I didn't think it was that big of a deal and took care of it myself. Nine months later, after my house was finished being built my things were then loaded from storage and moved to another state. My daughter was there to supervise the loading and said it went very well. The movers were careful and considerate of all of my belongings. The moving truck arrived as they said it would and only took them a few days to deliver. Everything was fine when they delivered with only one thing damaged and that was a table or chair leg leveling part which for me was not a big deal and they took care of that right away. These movers were hustling from the time they arrived and placing everything where I directed them to place it. Very professional and extremely hard working! Everything was numbered and as they unloaded it I was able to mark the item off the list and that ensured that all my things were delivered and nothing was missing. This is a great way of keeping track. This company was referred to me by my realtor and they were absolutely spot on! I would recommend them to others. My experience was a long, long move and I really feel like I am at home now! I'd like to thank them for their courtesy and hard working!
Steve B. West Allis , WI
A very professional moving company!
We use Arpin Van Lines Inc. quite frequently in our relocation business. They do a great job for us, and our customers. Their employees are friendly and polite people, and they stick to the schedule. Their customer service is great, and they also followup well, and provide notifications as needed. They are very careful with the items they ship, and overall, a very professional moving company! We, and our customers, have been very satisfied with them!
Marie J. Vancouver, WA
They did an excellent job and I highly recommend using them!
It was an excellent experience using Arpin Van Lines Inc. I packed everything for myself so they would not have to handle any of that when they arrived on moving day. They took me from just outside of the Boston area and drove everything to my new home in Vancouver, WA. It was a very long distance to move and I had done it many times before. So I appreciate what they had to do to make that happen in a professional manner. Of course, I based my search for a moving company by their reputation, which in this case was excellent. I agree with that! Now that they handled my move for me I cannot say enough positive things about them. The movers were excellent, personable and efficient. They took everything out there to Vancouver and not one thing was broken. They were extremely careful in how they handled all of my personal belongings. They were also very conscientious of how they were inside and outside of my home, both on the loading end and the delivery end. As for pricing, I feel that they were incredibly reasonable on the price that they had quote me. When you think about it, it was very fair considering how well they handled everything and their excellent reputation to go along with it. I was very satisfied with what I wound up paying. I highly recommend them.
Richard G. Lady Lake, FL
The whole move went smoothly as if it were scripted! I could not have asked for more.
We were recently moving from New Jersey down to Florida and called Arpin Van Lines Inc. We had spoken to numerous companies before deciding, but after speaking with Arpin, we knew that was the way to go. When the big day arrived the movers showed up right on time and did every single thing that they said they were going to do. The whole move went so smoothly, it is as if it were scripted. I could not have wished for anything to have gone better. I highly recommend them! The people at Arpin Van Lines Inc. were just wonderful to work with and very polite in setting it all up. I hope I never have to do a long distance move like that again, but boy if I did, they will be the first company I call.
Thomas B. Summerville, SC
Professional, Seamless, and No Hassle
We hired Arpin Van Lines Inc. to move us from Illinois to South Carolina. The movers arrived on time. They came in and packed up everything. They even moved my husband's car in the van, and it got here without a scratch. They held our furniture at the site for three days because we had to do all our paperwork in selling the house and then drive down to SC. We had a pre-arranged delivery date. They called us along the way to say it was going well and they expected to arrive on time. Then they called the day before and said they'd be here on that date and gave us a timeframe to expect them. The truck arrived right on time. They unloaded all the boxes and drove the car off the truck. Everything was effortless and seamless. Arpin Van Lines Inc. movers were very professional. I can't say enough about them. I've recommended them to two of my friends!
MARK N. New York City, NY
Professional, careful and organized. The move went great!
I've had two deliveries with Arpin Van Lines Inc. They also packed for us. This was a year and a half ago. Everything went well and arrived with no damage that I can recall. The only negative experience I had was from my local representative. He tried to add to the bill by providing a second bill. But everything was covered under the first bill. The second bill was completely unwarranted. I responded but never heard anything back. The second delivery was from my mother's house to my house in the middle of a snowstorm in New York. It was only delayed by one day. But they packed everything well and as promised. They did a great job! If someone asked me why I used Arpin Van Lines Inc., I would say because they were organized, careful, and communicative. It was a complex delivery, and they only misplaced one item. But it wasn't a massive inconvenience. The shipment had to go to two separate locations. They were skillful and friendly. I would recommend Arpin Van Lines Inc. to my family and friends.
Melanie L. Hilton Head Island, SC
A fine company! Thoughtful, considerate, and professional!
I used Arpin Van Lines Inc. to move me from New Hampshire to South Carolina. What sticks out most in my mind about them is, how they showed up a day early for the move. Here was the situation. It was New Hampshire, and this huge cold front was forecast to move into the state the day of the move. That meant freezing temperatures and snow and ice. So, they showed up early to help me beat the weather. Because they were early, I had not yet finished packing my household possessions. The very considerate people of Arpin Van Lines Inc. helped me finish packing, even though that was not on their "to do" list. I really appreciated that act of kindness, and the thoughtfulness they showed trying to help me beat the storm. They also did a very professional job on the move, and I suffered no breakages or damages upon my arrival in South Carolina. They are a fine company!
Wendy L. East Greenwich, RI
Excellent Service from Start to Finish
Arpin Van Lines Inc. did a great job. I would recommend to anyone that they get a quote. I was comparison shopping for a moving company, and I found Arpin Van Lines Inc. to be the best value. The driver told me my delivery would probably arrive early and it did, and that was very good for me. Everything arrived in safely and in good condition. The people at Arpin Van Lines Inc.were very service oriented. The packing team went above and beyond with service as did the unloading team. I had a great experience, all-around positive, so much so that I referred my mom to them, and she used them recently. I would definitely use them again.
PAUL T. Colchester, VT
Great experience.
We were very over whelmed with moving, and felt very lucky that the group that came to move us just took over and did a fantastic job! We were very pleased. The guys were great!
Camelia B. Warwick, RI
Great Service
I had an excellent experience with Arpin Van Lines. The moving service that they offered me went over very well. I thought that the staff was very friendly and and professional. The entire moving process ended smoothly and without any hassle. All of my items were transferred without anything being lost or broken, so I am happy with how everything turned out. I would absolutely recommend them to other people and I would continue to use them in the future if I needed to.
Richard H. Simi Valley, CA
Professional and Communicative!
I was very pleased with Arpin Van Lines Inc.. I used them for the first time, recently, and would definitely recommend them! They were organized and courteous at every level of the process. They were on time, friendly, and communicative. They took care of everything, and were sure to answer any questions. The entire process went smoothly, and the corporate offices were polite and communicative, as well. They did a very nice job, and kept me informed, along the way, before delivery. It was a very satisfying experience!
Craig D. Central Islip, NY
Five stars
Arpin Van Lines handled everything to my complete satisfaction. It was very reasonable.
Jean L. Houston, TX
Arpin Houston was nothing less than perfection
If you are planning a move within the Houston area, without a doubt, use Arpin. From the initial phone call to the last box being unloaded, the delivery of outstanding customer service was obviously the primary objective of all employees! The office staff answered all questions and calls promptly and thoroughly. The crew on moving day could not have been any more careful with all belongings. If you want one less stress during a move, use Arpin!
Gene H. West Warwick, RI
Great People To Work With
I think they do a great job. I know a lot about the moving industry, and I know what to expect during a move. I've had them move me three different times between Texas and Oklahoma, and each move has been excellent. Their staff members have completed every move in a timely manner, and I have never experienced any issues with my items being lost, damaged, or broken. They are good, professional people, and they're a great company to work with. I highly recommend them.
Greg B. Mountaintop, PA
Professional / Clean / Good Communication
Used Arpin to move a piano we wanted to keep in the family. My mother used Arpin to move and store their house from PA to FL. Would use this service again. Very professional, courteous, and constant open communication. I appreciated when the driver delivering our piano contacted me along his trip to give me updates on the delivery. Would use again!
Parelee B. Stone Mountain, GA
Excellent service
I moved my mother from her home to an assisted living facility out of state near me. They did an excellent job of packing everything. When they arrived not one thing was broken or scratched. They were friendly and courteous. They made a stressful situation one less thing to worry about. I highly recommend this company.
excellent service
crew was very professional and friendly and very careful with my things. I appreciate the good service
Lin B. Evanston, IL
Accommodating and Extremely Careful
Arpin Van Lines was very accommodating for someone who is doing a move from one state to another, which was extremely important to me. There was also a big lag from when we needed the items picked up and when we needed them delivered, so it was critical that they could store the items between the closing of our old house and the opening of our new one. We did, however, lose two bowls in the move, although they were not at all big things. They actually too such great care packaging all of the breakables, which was also extremely important to me. The last thing I have to say is that they were so careful with both wood floors at the houses, and I just really liked the overall care that they took. I would definitely recommend their services!
David P. Spring Boro, OH
Great Job Guys!
Arpin Van Lines did a great job helping my family and I move! We had lots of things to move, including a motorcycle and it was all handled with care. We were able to communicate what I needed done with my things and they followed my instructions well. I was really impressed with how fast they were able to do the job and left absolutely no damage. I would recommend them as an efficient and affordable option.
PAUL H. San Diego, CA
Phenomenal Move With Arpin!
Arpin moved us from California to a new home in Arizona. Overall there were only a few minor things broken, nothing major. The crew did a phenomenal job with packing us up and getting everything unloaded. All our things went into the rooms we'd agreed upon.
THOMAS R. Austin, TX
Friendly and Efficient
All of the crew from Arpin Van Lines were efficient and did everything they were supposed to do. They didn't at all damage anything, did the work quickly, and left. I really appreciated that they called ahead of time to let us know exactly when they were coming in, and showed up on schedule! They were friendly as well! They're a great service that got the job done.
Jay S. Homosassa, FL
Great State-To-State Move With Arpin!
Arpin Van Lines helped us with a state-to-state move. Steven came out for the estimate and let us know the process. On the day of, numerous movers came out to wrap our furniture. The team was nice to work with and organized. Our belongings were wrapped with care and delivered on time. We've already recommended Arpin to a friend and will use them again if the opportunity presents itself.
Betty C. West Warick, RI
Would Absolutely Repeat!
They moved us and did a great job. We were happy with their communication and high level of service.
John S. Nashville, TN
Excellent service!
I did a move about a year ago through Arpin Van Lines and I'm getting ready to do another soon. Arpin moved me from Virginia Beach to Nashville and I am thoroughly satisfied with their service. If they're not communicative then someone is sick. They told me what was going to happen and it happened exactly the way the said it would, and not just once. I like that I can expect to get a satisfactory answer when I talk with the people at this company.
CHARLOTTE S. New Port Richey, FL
they did an excellent job
Arpin Van Lines did an excellent job, it was very good. They are a very professional moving and storage service and we were very satisfied.
Alfred F. Scranton, PA
Very Satisfied!
I was very pleased with Arpin Van Lines Inc when I hired them to move me up here. They showed up right on time and handled everything with care and caution. They did what I hired them to do and I highly recommend them! They did a great job!
Debbie M. Chester, MD
Long-distance move went perfectly.
We used Arpin Van Lines for a long-distance move from the Midwest to the East Coast. Everything was loaded and moved with no problem, in a timely fashion, and nothing was broken. It was perfect. They worked with us as far as timing and were able to work it into our schedule, so we got it done when we needed it. The pricing was fine, comparable. Overall very happy with our experience.
Tom H. Raleigh, NC
They made moving easy
Aprin moved us 1300mi from North Carolina to Dallas. The move was fantastic and efficient. The workers took great care with the furniture, nothing got broken.They went over and above to get us moved. I'd use them again and again. They handled everything. Arpin moving was not only the best price, but also the best service, which is hard to come by. They were always quick to get back with us. I understood the procedure of the move before they showed up and everything went as planned. Completely satisfied!
MERRILL T. Marlborough, MA
Complete, professional service at each step in the move.
Packing was completed on the day before the move and the move was completed on time, on date, and met all delivery location requests. All items were moved with no damage and costs were as contracted. Completely professional in all aspects.
Geoffrey W. Westminster, SC
Everything went without any issues, all right on time
I moved out of state and the timing was always an issue. Everyone kept me well informed of the schedule and it all went smoothly. All items made it to the new home and nothing was scratched or broken.
DAVID H. Frisco, TX
Overall experience was very good
We had lots of packing boxes after unpack. Wish the service includes collecting unpacked boxes after 2 weeks we moved in.
VIVIAN H. Buckeye , AZ
From beginning to end our move was amazing. Many thanks to those behind this move to Arizona. When the truck and crew arrived the very next day ( which was not expected but so welcomed) a small thank you seems so little. Unloading a full truck in 115 degree heat was not at all easy. Made sure all drank water. and took breaks. Everyone from Sales to Shipment were and are outstanding. Big Thank you to Mike Cage in CA, and the entire Arpin Company. Have passed on reference info and yes, other moved of friends and family have also been accomplished.
MARK F. St. Petersburg , FL
Customer for about 25 years; they are such a great company. Handled a really big move for us this time around and did a really good job.
I've been using Arpin Van Lines for about 25 years. They initially handled corporate relocations for me and they did a great job, though eventually I no longer needed them for corporate jobs so I continued calling for personal moves. This last time we used them it was for a moving/packing/storage job, a pretty big one. We were moving from California to Florida. Everything was really well coordinated, they did the moving and stored our things in a warehouse in San Francisco for 4-5 months, and when it got closer to the time that we were moving into our new home they moved everything to a warehouse closer to us in Florida. Then they delivered everything from there to our new address. We stayed in contact with them and they kept in contact with us, so the whole process was really well organized and went smoothly (if you don't stay in contact with them, that's when there are problems). This was a big move so it was expensive, but we've done a lot of moves and looked at other companies and their costs are pretty spot on for the work they do. When doing price considerations you should really be keeping quality in mind as #1 and pricing as #2, because you do get what you pay for - and with Arpin I've always has great experiences. They do such a great job that I've just stuck with them all this time, they're really easy to work with. I also have to say, for all the years I've used them nothing has ever been damaged. As someone who's been using them for 25 years I do highly recommend them, and I will definitely continue to use them.
J A. Monterey, CA
Absolutely Perfect
Basically we packed a U-Haul with things we needed right away and went up to Portland from Monterey to look for a place. We'd periodically contact them to say we're still looking and they were really good about that. They held onto our possessions until we found the house. And once we got a move in date on our new house, they packed everything up and brought us our stuff. They got everything packed and moved into the truck within a day. I was surprised because we had really big house. This was our first time Arpin for a moving service. We'd usually take our papers to them for shredding. They packed the things we didn't have packed like paintings and lamps. They did a real good job packing furniture into the truck, there was no breakage or scratches of any kind.
I've used Meyer's Brothers Movers (who I think is affiliated with Arpin Van Lines) for 18 years and I LOVE them.
I've been using Meyer's Brothers Movers, who I believe are affiliated with Arpin Van Lines, for the last 18 years. They are an absolutely terrific company, I highly recommend them, I've used them so many times and I will continue to use them as long as they're existing and as long as I'm moving! Their pricing is very fair, their manager Ken has always been very good to me, and I've met so many of their movers over the years - Bob is one I can remember, I can't remember all their names. But every one of them has been fantastic. I used them earlier this year in January for a big move and again in April for a smaller one, and as always they did an excellent job, and made sure all of my things got where I wanted them safely and on time. I'm very happy with Meyer's Brothers Movers, they have a loyal customer in me.
Prashant J. Tampa, FL
Good Job!
The movers at Arpin Van Lines did a very good job helping me move from Virginia to Florida. There prices were also very reasonable. I recommended them to one of our friends who made a similar move. They are also very happy with this company.
K G. Houston, TX
Great experience
I used the Oklahoma based crew from Arpin Van Lines Inc. to move me to Texas. They did a great job. They did a little bit of packing for me and loaded everything up in the truck professionally. They unloaded me in Texas with no incidents. Everything got here just fine. No damage. I would recommend them to anyone. I would use them again.
Girish J. West Warwick, RI
OUTSTANDING- Exceeded our expectations
Last month we moved from Rhode Island to Maryland and used Arpin Rhode Island Service. We had an extremely satisfactory experience. They deserve more than 5 stars. We are giving them only 5 starts because 6-7 stars are not available in this review. Their driver and helpers were very decent people, exceptionally polite and punctual. Pick up and delivery times were perfectly followed. Handling was awesome , no damages to any goods. We would highly recommend anyone moving in or out of Rhode Island to engage their services.
DIEGO P. New York, NY
Prompt and professional!
Arpin Van Lines did really did an excellent job. From the first phone call they were very professional and so polite. They arrived on time ready to get to work. They were very cautious and delicate with our items and handled the everything with care. From the loading thru to the unloading I could tell they were concerned about our items. Their customer service is wonderful and I feel valued as a customer. Over all, I am very satisfied with Arpin and I definitely would recommend them.
Emmanuel P. Fort Lauderdale, FL
Incredible work
I have to say that the guys from Arpin Van Lines did a truly incredibly job for us. They were right on time when they said they would be and they just made the whole move so very easy. The guys were very professional and they treated our stuff with the care and respect they would if they were moving their own things. They were able to get it all done so smoothly and quickly it was really great. I would not hesitate to call on them again in the future the next time I need help moving!
Richard S. Detroit, MI
Movers were very pleasant people
What I really liked about the people over at Arpin Van Lines is that the movers were very pleasant people. They made the whole move a lot more pleasant and enjoyable with their attitudes and personalities. All of our stuff got from point A to point B without any issues so that is great as well. I would definitely use their services again next time I need to move and will recommend them to anyone who asks.
Robert C. Spokane Valley, WA
Best moving company ever!
The packers at Arpin Van Lines did an excellent job packing our homeware, because we had 225 boxes and didn't find one broken thing. The crews at both ends--where we shipped and received--and the driver were very friendly, knowledgeable, and did an excellent job. They were very fast and everything turned out very well. Also, the scheduling process was very simple. We had a complicated schedule and they accommodated everything we wanted.
JULIA R. Inglewood, CO
Driver was awesome
The driver that I had from Arpin Van Lines was quite simply awesome. He just did a great job communicating with me and making sure that we were on the same page which I really appreciated. His logistics and planning for moving us out were spectacular. My kids were running around and he was very accommodating of them which was great. Our stuff made it and without anything being damaged so I am one happy camper.
Maria F. Garland, TX
They were awesome!
I moved from Connecticut to Texas with Arpin Van Lines and they came out and did an awesome job of packing everything up for me. They packed my belongings and loaded the boxes into their trucks and were very careful with my things. Their movers were attentive, professional, and very patient with me. I thought they did an excellent job of packing and moving my furniture and I even recommended them to my co-worker who was looking for a reliable mover. I really enjoyed working with the people at Arpin Van Lines and will use them again if I ever have to do a big move.
Greg F. Springfield Gardens, NY
Did exactly what we needed
The guys over at Arpin Van Lines did exactly what we needed them to do. The guys who packed us up were very clean and efficient which was nice. They got all of our stuff to where we needed it exactly when we needed it which was very convenient. They guys that unloaded our stuff were simply amazing as well. The estimate they gave us was right on target with no hidden fees or charges so we could not be happier with how everything went! Thanks you guys!
Gene M. Crossville, TN
We just moved from Columbus, Ohio to Tennessee which was our first out-of-state move. Moving is stressful so I researched movers thoroughly. Cindy Morgan, our rep out of Dayton, knows her stuff and was a pleasure to deal with and assured us it would be a stress-free experience and she was right! The moving crew did a great job and we would highly recommend them!
Richard M. Boston, MA
They were very good.
I have used the services of the guys over at Arpin Van Lines twice and both times were very very good experiences. The first time that I used them they were just so efficient and quick that when I needed help moving a second time I thought, why not stick with what works? Not just that they work, but that they work so well. The guys are great and they treat yourself with the same respect they would treat theirs. The price is right and if I need help moving again you can bet I'll be calling these guys up again!
Diane M. New York City, NY
Very satisfied!
Arpin Van Lines did the work to give me the best price, and the moving process went very fast. They moved the entire location of both places and then they shipped to two different places. It was a very confusing event and they handled it all--all of it came together. There wasn't an elevator at the first place, so they had to move up and down six flights of stairs. I will say from top to bottom, the people organizing the move and also the workers--the actual people taping boxes and moving--did an amazing job and it all worked. I thought the price was a very fair price; I got a lot for my money. I would use Arpin Van Lines again because they are extremely honest and did everything said they would do. It was high-quality service.
Lois M. West Warwick, RI
They were perfect
I recently had the folks over at Arpin Van Lines help me move some of my stuff to a new place. Honestly they were perfect in every single way. The movers were on time and friendly and they really worked hard. They were very careful with my stuff and they took all of the precautions necessary to make sure everything would remain in prime condition. They were able to load and unload everything in a very quick and efficient manner and I am proud to say that not a single object of mine was damaged in any way. Their prices are very reasonable and I would definitely recommend them if you need some help moving!
Adrianne M. Huntersville, NC
Outstanding from start to finish!
We have used Alpin for four moves, both local and long distance. Each time the crew was courteous, conscientious and extremely hard-working. We trusted them with our furnishings and were not disappointed. Each of our moves required an extra stop at a storage facility, and the guys handled everything flawlessly!
Mary J. Salinas, CO
Great service, friendly and professional.
Great Service, friendly and professional staff.
Greg K. Boerne, TX
Outstanding Service
We had an outstanding move thanks to the great packing/loading crews and our driver Steven Meyer.
LARRY D. Indianapolis, IN
Good people, good communication, reliable, courteous, and would use them again.
They were able to take care of assessing my load without me (with help of my local friend) because I'd already moved for new job. They advised me of how I could do more of the packing and lower the cost significantly, and then reassessed before the actual moving day. I was very glad to see the truck arrive on the day and time expected, and to have the guys really take good care of my belongings and be so tidy and friendly.
Carol G. Eastland, TX
Excellent service on interstate move - on both ends.
Great teams both in packing and loading large household and office. Prompt arrival at destination in another state and efficient teamwork there as well.
Candace A. Covington, GA
Everything was awesome! Will use again!
The experience that I had from begin to end was excellent! Will definately use again with our next move!
Lisa F. Owatonna, MN
Great Job!
The local Dallas crew and driver took care with my belongings and went above and beyond to make sure everything arrived safe and sound. The whole process went very smoothly.
LINDA C. Walworth, WI
3 professional gentlemen
The total experience of setting up & getting an estimate for the move to their arriving promptly & packing furniture without any instances was excellent, Great company to work with.
Ashley P. Hubert, NC
Great experience with military move - would absolutely recommend to anyone.
I received very short notice orders and had four days from when I contacted DTS to the driver picking up my household goods. This was my first military move and couldn't have asked for a better experience. The driver (Dana) knew what he was doing, took charge of the crew, and made sure to explain everything in detail with me and how to process should work. Since it was a short fuse move the driver had warned us that goods wouldn't be delivered for a couple weeks. He made sure to keep in contact with us on his journey across country (Arizona to North Carolina) and let us know if any issues came up that would cause the delivery to be postponed. He was just as welcoming and helpful at the delivery end. Everything was completed in a timely manner, and no damage was done to any items. Couldn't have asked for a better experience - you have a great driver on your hands!
Howard M. St. Charles, IL
Trustworthy, careful, and professional movers
We were a really tough sell because we were shopping around for a good mover and when we called Arpin Van Lines, the woman who was one of the owners gave us lots of tips on packing and what to expect. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and that's what sold us, so we went with Arpin Van Lines for our move. We moved from Chicago, Illinois to Greenville, North Carolina and everything went well. The movers were very trustworthy and they did everything they said they would do. It was a very pleasurable experience and we had zero damages in the move, we were very satisfied with the overall professionalism we experienced with Arpin Van Lines. Their prices are reasonable and I would use them again in a heartbeat.
Brittany M. West Warwick, RI
It was good
This was my first time using Arpin Van Lines. They made moving really easy. Everyone was very personable and it went quick. They were personable and everything was fine.
Bettie B. The Villages, FL
From home-to-home: A successful move
I've used Arpin Van Lines twice and everyone is extremely polite and respectful. Two of their employees, who loaded up and delivered everything promptly, were very nice and took care of whatever messes they made.
Alex P. Yarmouth Port, MA
Well taken care of customer
I had a move from New Hampshire to Cape Cod and I used a local affiliate to pack up the house and had them store it for five months and then Arpin Van Lines brought it down to our new home in Cape Cod. The movers were very courteous and polite and I was very happy with their services. They moved the furniture where I wanted it, and if I didn't like the spot it was in, they would move it again with no complaints. They were wonderful to work with, I would use them again!
Viswanathan N. Minneapolis, MN
Excellent service
I hired Arpin Van Lines Inc. to move and unpack my house from Chicago to Minneapolis. They provided the best service I could have ever received. They stuck to their word and moved everything within the time frame that they said they would. The entire process was very easy and I was so pleased with the experience. I can't recommend them enough.
Gerry G. Southwest Harbor, ME
I would absolutely recommend Alpine Van Lines. From start to finish, from the people who too the call and gave me all the information over the phone that I needed, to the gentleman who showed up to do the job, everything was fantastic. They moved my parents and did a great job.
Jay R. Stratford, NH
Great experience!
Great group of guys from Arpin Van Lines who worked their tails off in the heat and did an excellent job of helping us out with the move. There was one box missing which was just because of the way I had packed it and they made sure to notify me of it as soon as they noticed. I thought their prices were very reasonable and that they did a great job of making my first move an easy one!
Fred J. North Planfield, NJ
Knowledgeable, professional, careful, on-time, courteous, flexible.
JEAN B. Happy Valley, OR
everything about the move went well
All of the personnel were pleasant, business like, and good at what they did. Our goods arrived on time and in good condition. We were very happy!
ALENA G. Roseville, CA
Thank you for a good experience when I moved cross country.
Mike k. Las Vegas, NV
very happy
i will recommend arpin van lines. great customer service. more than i expected, thanks.
Frank L. Union, KY
Very pleased
LUCINDA D. Williamsburg, VA
I have finally unpacked and all is well.
Your people did an excellent job especially since it was just before Christmas. One small glitch,when the driver chose not to stop in Alexandria going north and waited to stop on his way back a call to either me or my daughter alerting us to the change would have saved her from waiting and worrying all day. As always your company did a superb job especially with our very old piano.
Jim L. Charleston, IL
Wonderful Experience
Crew was super on both ends. All were hard-working, never stopped, and asked for directions when necessary. They adjusted as we changed our mind on the location of some items. They had good ideas when asked for advice on the location of furniture.
Hal L. Wilton, NH
On time, nothing broken, workers were very cooperative
If I was moving again I would certainly use these movers. They showed up on time, worked methodically and carefully. Loaded the truck and beat me to the new location and unloaded all items quickly and safetly
Kathy N. Peoria, IL
I would highly recommend Arpin Van Lines Inc!
We were building a new house, and our home sold very quickly. Arpin Van Lines Inc. moved all of the big furniture into storage and kept it for us for three months. When our new place was finished, we set the date to have the furniture moved from storage into the new house. They were on time, and everything went very smoothly. There was one bedroom set that we needed to have delivered to a different location, and they took care of that. They really made the move easier, since it was one less thing to worry about. It was wonderful! They just took care of everything, and delivered all the items in good condition. I was very happy!
Wes R. Dundee, IL
Job well done
We have used Arpin Van Lines Inc. a couple of times to move and store our antiques. They packed everything up beautifully and there was no damage after the antiques were moved. We also stored many of our antiques at their climate-controlled storage unit for two months or so when our basement flooded. This is a great local company with competitive pricing that works quickly and efficiently. I recommend Arpin Van Lines Inc. to move or store any of your belongings, no matter how fragile.
Janet J. Peoria, IL
Fantastic, I would absolutely recommend and use them again!
The guys from Arpin Van Lines were absolutely super! I had moved here from Oklahoma 2 years previously and had tons of stuff in storage. They met me at storage, they were nice and friendly and unloaded everything, they came back to the house I had purchased and they followed all of my instructions. They were really fun too!
Kris W. Chicago, IL
Making a painful move painless.
I've used Arpin Van Lines Inc. a few times, going back and forth between two locations with some household goods and furniture. They are fantastic and I am so happy with their service. They always bend over backwards for me, and the gentlemen who help are always very professional, kind, helpful, considerate, and they even cover their shoes to keep everything clean. I think very highly of the company and the work they do.
Terry N. Hollis, NH
I Will Refer Them To Friends and Family!
Arpin Van Lines Inc. was great in helping me move into my new place. I think their overall performance and attitude were spot on. They worked very quickly and diligently, which was great since I was paying by the hour. The team was super friendly and I had a great appreciation for them being concerned about getting dirt on my new floors with their shoes. The prices were very reasonable and I would definitely use them again!
George R. Arlington, WA
Very professional, a satisfied customer.
I have been very satisfied with Arpin Van Lines. I've used them a couple of times over the last few years. They have always been on time and very professional. They get the job done for me at a reasonable price. Hopefully I won't have to move again, but if I do I'd definitely use them again.
Spaulding R. Plymouth, MA
They're the best.
This was our first time using Arpin Van Lines. They were timely, polite, and did what we needed them to. I would highly recommend them.
BRAD S. Peoria, IL
Easy and Smooth!
I used Arpin Van Lines Inc. when I needed some furniture moved from one house to another and, although, I think they did a good job, I do feel like they moved slower than they could have been moving. Being that I was being charged by the hour this was a little frustrating; but, they did do a good job so, I would use them, and their reasonable prices, again.
KAREN D. San Diego, CA
Good experience.
Arpin Van Lines Inc. was good because they provided two men to help me move. They showed up on time and didn't damage our belongings.
Curtis M. East Greenwich , RI
Very good.
Arpin Van Lines Inc. helped me move my mother to a new place and they were great. The staff was very polite and fast.
Susan E. Peoria, IL
A painless move.
Arpin Van Lines has been magnificent all the times that I have used them. They were punctual professional and were willing to go the extra mile. We hired them to do a number of jobs. We had them do a large move of furniture and we also hired them to load up our U-Haul vans. They were wonderful.
James D. Oklahoma City, RI
They did a good job!
We hired Arpin Van Lines for a local move. Everything went fine and they did a good job. Nothing broke; they were friendly, on time and experienced.
Tim F. Galesburg, IL
Quick, painless, and easy.
I was very impressed with the workmanship from Arpin Van Lines. They were wonderful! They were on time and came with good attitudes. They made sure not to scuff anything in the process and took really good care with loading our things. I'd recommend them.
Julia W. Plano, TX
Excellent customer service and quality people who care about you and your move
Chris D. Peoria, IL
Honest, efficient, and dependable.
Arpin Van Lines did a great job with our move. They were considerate about time and very careful with all of our belongings. All of our things arrived safe and sound, thanks to their expertise. They were polite and took all of the stress out of our move. I would definitely recommend them.
Martha W. Peoria, IL
Very reliable, did exactly what I had asked.
Arpin Van Lines is very reliable. They moved a piano for me under the recommendation of our piano tutor. They came on time, got the piano, carried it out, and delivered it to the place we were sending it. Everything seemed to do well, and they did a great job. I'd highly recommend them to others.
Jaren S. Fort Orchard, RI
Pleasant, prompt, and a good experience.
This was our first time using Arpin Van Lines. They came a day after we called. They picked up our stuff minutes after we called them. They moved us a long distance, as well as our stuff and boxes. I had a good experience, and they did a great job. They were friendly, helpful, and prompt. I recommend them.
April L. San Diego, CA
Fast, hardworking, and polite.
Arpin Van Lines helped our move go very smoothly. It was worth every penny. They came prepared with extra materials to help us load our items as safely as possible. They were friendly, careful, and stuck to their estimate. We couldn't have been more pleased with their service.
PAT L. Houston, TX
Jim G. San Diego, CA
A great experience
Moving is never enjoyable, but the movers were fast but careful with everything during the move and I would definitely use them again.
Daryl R. San Diego, CA
Just perfect
I will definitely try to use you guys again recommend to anyone looking for a company
Dusty W. St Petersburg, FL
Excellent move
Except for one small glitch at the beginning of the move everything went great on a difficult move. My house is two story with the only access to the 2nd floor via a spiral staircase. The movers did an excellent job of getting everything out and to the new location in a timely manner.
MARILYN G. Agawam , MA
Ernie,Steve and Cari were there every step of the way with us during our move. They are extremely knowledgable, helpful and personable. I would not hesitate to recommend them!
Excellent service
Ruben G. Mira Mesa, RI
Overall, a great experience
Arpin Van Lines Inc. put up protective padding on my door. They were knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. They answered all my questions. Overall, it was just a great experience.
JOHN B. San Antonio, FL
Responsive to all our needs so far.
We still have household goods I storage prior to delivery on 12/23/14. Service so far has been excellent. Keep it up!
Wan C. Walnut, CA
Overall good experience
Pleasant experience.
The move went very well, on time, courteous movers, and I would recommend them to any one contemplating a move.
PETER L. Little River, SD
Other than sending a survey before contacting me with a delivery date Arpin was exceptional.
No contact from the company itself until the day of delivery other than to prematurely send me a survey asking how I liked their service. Service? What service? Thank goodness for Sharon at Able storage in Amherst NH, she kept us informed throughout. The driver and the men helping were completely professional , went out of their way to ensure our floors were protected, and everything was placed exactly where we requested. An excellent team !
JAMES Z. Chula Vista, CA
Very satisfied with service I received
Jesus and Luis did an excellent job moving my furniture and belongings.They were on time and very professional.I would definitely recommend priority movers.
JERRY W. Sun City Center, FL
5 Stars
On Time, Hard working. Very courteous.
Jennifer H. Winchester, CA
Hard workers; arrived on time; helpful
Initial appraisal was off, so we had to pay more than the estimate, but the actual packers/movers were great. On time, pleasant, helpful, during a very stressful move!!
ANNe F. Bradenton, FL
Excellent professional service
I have only had my house packed and am hoping the moving and storage service is just as good.
DOUG L. Concord, NH
Move well organized by AVL.
Arpin movers were courteous, very careful of furniture, respectful of our requests for furniture placement.
neat and effiicient
on time ,worked steadily until completion, recommend
Dr Dean Drooby n. Okc, OK
great work
all went well and very smoothly; thanks.
Scott F. Goodyear, AZ
They truly care and work with you through and situation that comes up.
Arpin did a great job. Highly recommend. Everyone was very helpful in our highly stressed move. They calmed my stress and put me at peace
Tom M. Walpole, MA
Moving Furniture from Carver to Three Drop off  Locations
The day started out with a larger truck than was told to me the two days before. Concern by storage facility that this truck would not be able to access the unit storage facility. Good communication between Liberty management and storage company resolved issue. The two workers were super individuals. They were very open to what we needed and were very careful in handling all our furniture. A great experience by them Joe and Cameron...thanks.
Dee C. Leavenworth, KS
Excellent, I was very pleased!
Arpin Van Lines was wonderful! The two boys that came in knew exactly what they were doing and did it effortlessly. They came, did their job, and did not take very long. They did not mess anything up, they did not scratch anything, and they were up and out of there!
Dee K. Phoenix, AZ
Excellent experience! Great people! Great service! They all seem to act like they really care!
RAY S. Madeira Beach, FL
The move was fantastic
The movers were great. They took the time and care to move my items as if they were their own. I highly recommend this company to anybody considering a moving company!
John W. Peoria, IL
Careful, courteous, and efficient.
I've used Arpin Van Lines twice in the last year and have always received excellent service. All of the movers we dealt with have been very professional and really went above and beyond our expectations. The last time that we used them, they just helped us move across town and did a terrific job. I appreciate their level of professionalism and that the final costs match the estimate. I would highly recommend them.
DONALD B. Peoria, IL
Our recent move provided by Arpin went very smooth
They arrived promptly on time The personnel were dressed appropriately They were very respectful in the attitude toward us and asked where we wanted various boxes an furniture pieces placed. We were most pleased with the entire project
Doris Q. San Diego, CA
We are retired Navy so have moved more than a few times. This was one of our best moves ever! Friendly people, excellent professional service, able to meet last minute changes, free boxes to use if pre packing yourself (and take them back after you unpack ). Local company in San Diego is Priority Moving.
KAREN B. Palm Harbor, FL
see review
The men were very pleasant and courteous. It just took longer than I expected. I know the estimate is a estimate, but it took 2 1/2 hours longer. They were very careful with my furniture .
S A. Lantana, TX
Quick, efficient, and affordable!
PAM H. Bedford, NH
Have used Able movers for 14 years and six times. They are very professional and careful. We have always been extremely pleased with their service!
Have used Able Movers six times over 14 years and have always found them to be timely, professional and careful. Have always been extremely pleased.
Linda C. Sarasota, FL
Arpin moved us twice in a month. I cannot say enough about the service provided to us by our movers, Bill, Arnie and Dave. They were professional, neat and fast in the way they did their job. We appreciate all they did, and for the entire crew at Arpin.
Tom S. Whitefish Bay , WI
Terrific customer service!
Arpin Van Lines INC. is the best moving company that I have ever used. They are very careful with your merchandise. You can tell that the technicians are very experienced and knowledgeable. They knew the correct way to load and unload. Everybody was also very friendly and nice. This is a terrific company.
Patricia L. Spring Hill, FL
Excellent care!
I used Arpin Van Lines INC for the first time, and they were very good. They were very friendly and accommodating. Any time anything changed, or if I needed more boxes, they were helpful. They gave me the price for any changes, and they knew I had a strict budget. The delivery was excellent! I was sick at the time, and they were very good about that as well. They were friendly, neat and professional. You should go to them first!
Thomas S. Palm Bay, FL
Great driver and assistant. Careful with loading and unloading, very timely, really reliable nice movers. best move I ever made and I have made several. Unqualified highest recommendation.
Great movers, reliable, careful, friendly, timely. The very best.
Joy B. Providence, RI
Smooth, efficient, and professional
Arpin Van Lines made our move as stress-free as possible. They were very responsive, efficient, and professional. Steven was very friendly and good at directing the crew. They helped us pack several things and unloaded them in the areas that we requested. They had to move a lot of heavy things up and down stairs so I was very grateful for their positive attitudes throughout the whole way. This was our first time using them and we thought the prices were very reasonable. I'd definitely recommend them.
Donna A. Charlotte, NC
Overall it was a pleasant experience
My experience in working with Arpin Van Lines Inc. was pleasant and I was satisfied with the outcome of the work they did. I found that the workers were very personable and easy to get along with, showed courteously and professionalism towards me as a customer, showed up promptly and on time to perform the service. I had searched around online with about 6-8 different companies getting quotes and what not, and Arpin Van Lines Inc. provided the best value financially with excellent customer service to back it up. Going forward in the future, I will absolutely use Arpin again for my moving services and recommend them to anybody else in the market for a quality and dependable moving service. These guys do a great job and you won't be disappointed.
Mary Anne T. Pittsburgh, PA
I was very pleased
I couldn't be happier with Arpin Van Lines. Everyone who I dealt with was extremely professional and helpful. It was easy to set up an appointment with Steven and everyone on the moving crew was polite and efficient. They completed the job earlier than we had expected and all of my items arrived in the same condition that we had packed them in. I was very pleased with the prices for the quality of the service. This was my first time using them and I'd recommend them highly.
Natalie M. Castle Rock, CO
An easy move
Arpin Van Lines Inc. is a great moving company. We had a great crew come in. The movers and driver were great. Nothing was left, nothing was broken, and everything happened quickly. It went really well.
William J. Lyman, SC
Fantastic Arpin Van Lines moved from Massachussetts to South Carolina. I priced five others and Arpin had a five-star rating. They were also more expensive but the overall experience was worth it. The workers were just fantastic and moved things with nothing damaged. It was a great experience.
Tracy A. Andover, KS
Arpin company, Affiliated Movers of OKC
  I highly recommend Arpin and Affiliated! Respect, care and caution were displayed throughout of move.
Diane S. Virginia Beach, VT
Smooth, efficient, and professional
I'm delighted to have hired Arpin Van Lines for our move. They did a very good job and I'm completely satisfied. They were very pleasant to work with and extremely helpful. When they helped us move things from my mothers' house, it was only my mother, my sister, and myself around, so the movers went out of their way to go above and beyond with meeting our needs. They helped us move across town and also stopped at our storage facility to move the belongings we had there as well. The price was very reasonable. They were prompt, polite, and efficient. I'd definitely recommend them.
Amy B. Lawrenceville, RI
Overall very good!
I used Arpin Van Lines for a recent move. They definitely went above and beyond in terms of wrapping things and preparing them to go onto the truck. The crew was very friendly and courteous. The team worked very well together. There were only a couple of minor things that could have been better. I felt like when they were unloading things that they were in a hurry. They wanted us to get there earlier than they had originally said so they could get home. There were also a few small marks in our hallway when they were putting stuff back in. I felt pressured to get it done quickly. Overall though they were very very good.
Cathy G. Gulf Breeze, FL
Excellent service I found everything to be professional and never had any problems
Ricky L. Venice, FL
Great people who really did their best to make sure my move went smoothly.
I packed my stuff myself to save money, so I really didn't expect my move to go perfectly. But everyone at Arpin did a great job with my move and kept me informed from beginning to end. Gail in the office was always friendly and helpful when I called with questions and she also introduced me to a couple of the warehouse guys who without hesitation gathered some used boxes and carried them to my car. When the truck arrived at my new apartment, rather than take the easy way out the driver backed his huge trailer into the only small area available with great precision in order to not have to need a shuttle service that would have cost me an additional expense. I really did feel like everyone involved was dedicated to making my move go as smoothly as possible!
Professional and fast movers, awesome service
These guys showed up early and were super prepared. Nice people and a very professional work ethic.
CHRIs B. Bloomington, IL
Excellent back room,great movers, fast, efficient and friendly
Very pleased overall with professional attitude from schedulers throughout the entire move. On time, and very efficient.....and surprisingly fast. Was extremely happy with treatment of my piano.
Jeanine A. Wilkes Barre, PA

Great Work, Excellent Service!
I recently went to Arpin Van Lines Inc to help with a move I was making, and was quite pleased with how quick and easy the services went from them. The people from Arpin were very friendly and professional, and were very great at moving everything into the truck. There were a few crystal items that were damaged in the move, but I packed them, and everything packed by the employees made it without any damages. Overall I think Arpin Van Lines were very helpful, I would definitely use their services again, and I highly recommend them.
Glen C. Chesapeake, VA

Satisfied customer
This was my first time using Arpin Van Lines Inc. They did everything for me when I had to move from Chesapeake, VA. They came in and packed out the house, loaded it all up, transported it all to the new location, and then unloaded everything at the new place. It was all great. I have no complaints whatsoever. They did a very good job. They have awesome customer service, and I definitely recommend them.
Pat C. Palm Bay, FL

Fabulous service.
My move from NH to Fl was as painless as possible. The driver was a total professional. Actual charges came in significantly less than estimate. An all around great experience.
Billy B. Roebuck, SC

Great group to work with.
Excellent service and care with items. Everyone was very friendly and made sure I was satisfied.
Samantha S. Tampa, FL

Job Well Done
It is hard to find anyone who actually does their job in today's market. Arpin Van Lines Inc. is one of the exceptions! I would recommend them because they do their job! They do it well. I am happy with their service and I would recommend them to others!
Cecily G. New York, NY

I'd use them again!
We had to move some stuff around and hired Arpin Van Lines Inc. for the job. They were on-time, quick, clean, courteous, and nice people. Arpin Van Lines Inc. made everything go smoothly.
Harry C. Chesapeake, VA

Great Move! Very professional!
Very courteous and hard working. Steve meyer was very helpful and went beyond what we expected
Gary & Theresa B. York, SC

Total experience
Steve Meyer and his crew did a great job,they were all very hard workers and respectful. It was a pleasure to work with all of them. I would recommend them to any one. I would also use them again.
Stephen T. Reston, VA

Another great transport..
After 10 years, it absolutely amazes me as to how easy Steven Meyer with Arpin Van Lines makes our moves seem, easy and stress free. No matter what we have, or how stressful it may seem to be, he always says “Leave the worrying to me.” He has always been on time, if not early.. Pays attention to detail, works efficiently and problem free. Whether, across the street, or across the country, Steven Meyer with Arpin Van Lines is who we call..
Debra B. Tulsa, OK

Very careful, and also very accommodating!
We used Arpin Van Lines Inc. for our interstate move. They showed up on time, and were very careful loading our possessions for us. The same was true for the delivery. I really appreciate the way Arpin Van Lines Inc. worked with us schedule-wise on the delivery. They were very accommodating! Moves are never easy, but that took a lot of stress off us.
Richard G. Lady Lake, FL

The whole move went smoothly as if it were scripted! I could not have asked for more.
We were recently moving from New Jersey down to Florida and called Arpin Van Lines Inc. We had spoken to numerous companies before deciding, but after speaking with Arpin, we knew that was the way to go. When the big day arrived the movers showed up right on time and did every single thing that they said they were going to do. The whole move went so smoothly, it is as if it were scripted. I could not have wished for anything to have gone better. I highly recommend them! The people at Arpin Van Lines Inc. were just wonderful to work with and very polite in setting it all up. I hope I never have to do a long distance move like that again, but boy if I did, they will be the first company I call.
Steve M. Plymouth, MA

What a great experience we had for a very long distance move.
Arpin Van Lines Inc. is so wonderful! What a great experience we had when they did a long distance move for us. It was our first time using them and glad we did. A husband and wife time came to our homes and packed everything throughout our entire home, boxed it, wrapped it, and loaded it onto the truck. I believe it was their brother who also came along and assisted them. They were such an awesome team working together. For driving such a very long distance everything arrived in pretty good condition. If ever we moved again we would definitely request using that team specifically. We highly recommend them for any type of move.
Lisa B. Aurora , OH

Very nice people!
We had a long distance move to make from Rhode Island to Ohio. Arpin Van Lines Inc. showed up on time, and they packed things carefully. Unfortunately, they forgot to pack my husband's engine for his project car. But we got it! They made a good move, and carefully unloaded the truck. They got to the destination in a reasonable time frame. They were very nice people, and they let the kids climb up into the truck's cab, which was fun for them. I was also impressed by the fact that they accidentally left an item on their truck, and when they discovered it, they came back from over a state away to return it to us. I really appreciated that!
Susan S. Peoria, IL

They did a good job!
Arpin Van Lines was recommended to me by a company in Peoria that has an excellent reputation for local moves. When I planned my move to the West Coast, they recommended Arpin Van Lines for the long distance trip. Arpin did an excellent job with my small load and I have recommended them to other people already! The only thing that detracted from a full five-star review was it seemed to take a long time for the movers to make the journey. I understand that not a lot of people move from Peoria all the way to the coast of Washington but a month was a long time to wait for some of my belongings! All in all, it was a satisfactory experience and they handled my things with care.
Best M. Weston, FL

Best in Weston Movers
Thanks for sharing this usefull article and I love it so much. God bless!
Froylan F. North Lauderdale, FL

Their service was very great!
I can recommend your service to other! Thanks to guys!
Beverly W. Phoenix, AZ

Well Pleased! Thank you!
I've worked with Arpin Van Lines Inc. at least three times, now, and definitely plan to continue using them, in the future. I'm a loyal customer, at this point, and I really couldn't be happier with their service. Their cost is a bit high, on occasion, but their service makes it worth it because they're very easy and efficient to work with and I haven't had any problems at all, over the years. Thank you, Arpin Van Lines Inc.!
Dave C. Minneapolis, MN

Great Job, Would Use Again!
Arpin Van Lines Inc. was a referral from my sister in Massachusettes. I felt that they did a great job with the packing, moving, and delivery and the driver was great. I found their staff professional, helpful, and friendly, and their pricing was fair. They were easy to schedule with and I would definitely use them again.
Dick M. Deary , NH

Good Experience!
Everything worked out great with Arpin Van Lines Inc. I had good customer service and got exactly what I wanted! No complaints! They got the job done.
Margie K. Woodmere, NY

A Miracle Service
The team from Arpin Van Lines Inc. had a big job to do and they pulled it off amazingly. The staff moved my stuff from New York to two different states. They were able to complete the move at the same time and everything turned out very well. The team was very nice and down-to-earth. When it came to the move, they were just professional and friendly. In fact, they actually got to both homes early. I never had to wait for them. The pricing for the service was also very good. They did everything perfectly and I have already recommended the company to other people. Honestly, I couldn't ask for better service.
Teresa K. South Lyon, MI

Excellent Experience
I had an excellent experience with Arpin Van Lines Inc. and I would recommend their service to other people. I recently used the company for the first time and they were on time and kept me informed about everything. When they arrived at my home, they took care of the moving service for me and I felt very relieved. I don't think there's anything that the company could improve on. I would use them again for another service.
Jennie B. Hyannis, MA

All went well!
Used Able Moving in Amherst, NH - move to MA - Efficient, courteous, punctual, - pick up and delivery went fine. Would recommend!
Patrick P. Greenville , SC

Exactly As Advertised and a Painless Transaction!
I hired Arpin Van Lines Inc. for a recent move to South Carolina. First let me say I am an engineer and I investigate everything. It is important to me to know who I am dealing with that these people sat down with me and went over every aspect of my move. The estimator who arrived promptly on time absolutely nailed the weight of equipment to be moved. I couldn't believe that he was able to get it down to almost the exact weight! Spot on terrific with that! I also spoke with them about the possibility of contracting bed bugs with used coverings from others moves and they accommodated me by treating the moving equipment and truck 24 hours prior to loading my belongings. The crew arrived early, properly manned and with the right equipment. They loaded everything up in no time. When I got to the move site and witnessed the weighing of the truck the owner happened to be there that day and I was able to speak with them letting them know they did a super job! I tipped the crew because they worked their tails off, were very polite, very professional and everything was kept on schedule! They were awesome, they did everything I ask and were very particular with my belongings! Very pleasant to deal with. I had almost no damage with only one handle being broken on one machine, they offered to replace that handle with no trouble at all. The expense to replace the handle was so minimal that I just let that go. They do exactly as advertised and truly was a painless transaction!
John H. San Francisco, CA

Good Service Overall
Overall, I had a very good experience with Arpin Van Lines Inc. and the staff helped me out to perform a long move. I would say that the move was successful and I'm pretty happy with the service that the company offered. There were a few of my items that were lost. Also, I ended up receiving stuff from other people by mistake. But otherwise, the service went well. This was my first time using the company and I thought that the staff was very professional, friendly, and easy to contact.
Marie N. Eaton, CO

Experience was good.
I already filled out a detailed review that came in the mail a couple months ago. I was very satisfied with everything. Jim and Cindi were very easy to work with and very helpful.
Pam M. Greensboro, NC

I had a wonderful experience with Arpin....the family that drove the van and moved my furniture in were exceptional. They could not have have been nicer or more helpful! I would definitely recommend Arpin for your moving needs!

Robert H. Milwaukee, WI

Careful and Quick!
My work with Arpin Van Lines Inc. went super well. They're an extremely professional company, and did a great job. They were organized and well prepared, and they worked very efficiently. They were careful moving all of my belongings, and I really appreciated their thorough and attentive attitudes. They were easy to work with, and they made it easy to move. Certainly worth recommending!
Al M. Sarasota, FL

A Very Reliable Company!
I've used Arpin Van Lines repeatedly, over the past few years, and every experience has been positive. They're an organized and efficient company and have always treated my belongings with care and consideration. They're easy to work with, and I haven't ever had any problems at all, so I really only have good things to say, and would definitely recommend them to others.
PATI C. Claten , NC

Delivered What Was Promised! Excellent Service!
Right from the beginning when we made our first call for pricing, they were on the ball! They were not the cheapest but gave us the best feeling and delivered on that by far! We were moving to a new state and had sold our home. Our things were in storage and they went to our storage unit without us having to be there. They packed the entire storage unit and drove it across the country to North Carolina, delivering as they said they would! Very Professional!
Tim S. Amhearst, NH

Overall A Good Company
We've been working with Arpin Van Lines for over thirty years. They're sufficiently reliable and reasonably efficient, and I have no outstanding complaints. Their inter-department communication could use some work, but overall they're a fine company and I'd be willing to recommend them to anyone in the area. They provide quality vehicles and great policies. We will continue to do business with them in the near future.
Camelia B. Warwick, RI

Great Service
I had an excellent experience with Arpin Van Lines. The moving service that they offered me went over very well. I thought that the staff was very friendly and and professional. The entire moving process ended smoothly and without any hassle. All of my items were transferred without anything being lost or broken, so I am happy with how everything turned out. I would absolutely recommend them to other people and I would continue to use them in the future if I needed to.
Richard H. Simi Valley, CA

Professional and Communicative!
I was very pleased with Arpin Van Lines Inc.. I used them for the first time, recently, and would definitely recommend them! They were organized and courteous at every level of the process. They were on time, friendly, and communicative. They took care of everything, and were sure to answer any questions. The entire process went smoothly, and the corporate offices were polite and communicative, as well. They did a very nice job, and kept me informed, along the way, before delivery. It was a very satisfying experience!
Charles R. Okemos, MI

Repeat customer with multiple five star moves
I have had four Arpin interstate household moves (1000+ miles each, 8000-9000 lbs) with perfect results. 1) Arpin provides Not-to-Exceed estimates (important for self pay customers such as me). They stand by their maximum estimated cost even if the actual weight exceeds their estimate and they charge the appropriate cost if the weight is less. 2) Arpin lets me do the packing which provides a major cost savings and allows me to do custom crating to my satisfaction for electronics and crushables. They did a great job of wrapping and protecting my bulky items (furniture) and were extremely careful handling my load. Net damage to any item. 3) All the trucks arrived for loading at the origin and unloading at the destination at the planned day/time. 4) All the loading and unloading was performed very efficiently by people that understand the value of time. They also took great care to avoid any soiling or damage to the house. 5) They provided great support from the local office. 6) I have not written a review prior to this, but after four identical results they are clearly in a class by themselves.

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