Joe’s Moving & Storage Named Prime Agent of the Month

Criteria for determining the recipient of the Agent of the Month Award are based on measurement in several areas.  All potential recipients in the Arpin Agency Family must have increased business with the van lines over the previous 12 months.  In addition, all recipients and potential recipients are measured in the following stringent quality metrics according to Arpin Van Lines Quality Standards, which include but are not limited to:

  • Low customer damage claims
  • Maintaining outstanding customer service scores
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with Arpin Van Lines
  • Maintaining a strong safety record

“There is always an interest in the winner of the Arpin Agent of the Month Award, as it is a direct channel into the competition for the Arpin Van Lines Agent of the Year Award, which we present annually at our convention,“ said David Arpin, President and CEO of Arpin Van Lines. “Only those agents with overall best-practices make it into this sought-after category and winning this award can be especially challenging as we continue to raise the bar for members of our Agency Family.”

“Choosing the Arpin Agent of the Month is becoming decidedly more difficult as we continually grow and improve the quality of our Agency Family,” said Conrad Swanson, Senior Vice President, Agency Development of Arpin Van Lines. “Joe’s Moving & Storage has become a model of outstanding performance, cooperation and growth. As a whole, our agents’ quality scores have continued to increase.  Those who have been selected as the recipients for the Arpin Agent of the Month Award are the epitome of providing top services in their community.”