Arpin agent provides free move for a veteran and his family in need

The family turned to a veterans’ advocate for help and found Operation Homefront, a national nonprofit that provides support for military families, including financial assistance and transitional housing. Operation Homefront helped the family get settled in an apartment in Orange County, California, and provided them with donated furniture.

“I don’t ask for help because of my background,” said Jorge. “I was apprehensive about my wife asking for help. I don’t want to bother anyone. Finally, I broke down and I let her do that and she found all these people willing to help us make this transition.”

With their lease about to end, they could not afford to pay the rent increase. Additionally, the couple’s newborn child, Isaiah, was suffering from allergies brought on by the Southern California heat and environment. It was time to move.

In response, Operation Homefront helped them find a new home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. However, they had no money left for the move and did not want to leave behind all the furniture they had just received.

Operation Homefront contacted Priority Moving, an agent of Arpin Van Lines located in San Diego, and shared the family’s need for help.

“As far as responding to the request from Operation Homefront, it wasn’t really a question for us,” said James Lovejoy, president of Priority Moving. “We jumped right on it. We do a good amount of military work and take pride in being in the position to help a veteran and his family in need.”

Priority Moving packed the Garcia family’s belongings and placed them in storage in California. John Weeks, a driver for Arpin Van Lines, picked up the family’s household goods from storage, transported them to Idaho Falls and moved everything into the new home. The entire move was carried out free of charge.

“It was a huge load off my wife and myself,” said Jorge. “The movers were amazing people. They packed everything – we watched them organize and itemize everything and put it safely on the truck. The weight off my shoulders was a peace that I haven’t felt for a long time. I am so grateful for this moving company and all the organizations helping us out in this time of absolute need. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

Jorge and Ramona are now settled in Idaho Falls with their young children, Faith and Isaiah. Isaiah’s allergies are getting better and Ramona is considering some part-time work that allows her to raise her children while supplementing her husband’s disability payments.

“The move was as best as it possibly could be. Now we are here trying to get better. It’s nice and quiet. It feels like from that moment on, things started to fall into place. It’s been amazing.”

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