Arpin Group Helps Deliver Truckload of Donated Soccer Equipment

Ocean State Job Lot contributed to the effort by donating 3,200 athletic shoes as well.

The young women created SoccerRECYCLE out of a concern that many uniforms were used only a few times and then tossed out or put on the shelf, never to see daylight again. Giving the uniforms and equipment a “second life” became their goal. Nearly 400,000 Haitians are still living in settlement camps, following an earthquake in 2010.  New soccer gear, the teens hope, will brighten many children’s lives.

The young women contacted Matt Dolan, Arpin Group’s chief operating officer, and asked if Arpin could transport the donation to North Carolina, where the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s shipping center is located. The foundation will ensure that the donated items are delivered to the children of Haiti, which is expected to be fulfilled sometime in the next few months.

“We are happy to help get this athletic gear to the people in Haiti who are still suffering, said Dolan. “If this lessens their burden, it is worth every effort.”

Arpin has helped transport donations in the past and happily agreed to transport the extra large shipment to North Carolina for free.

The donations arrived in North Carolina in late August where they currently await transportation to Haiti.