Arpin Group Recognizes Excellence at 2012 Annual Agent Convention

“Choosing our award winners is becoming decidedly more difficult as we continually grow and improve the quality of our Agency Family,” said David Arpin, president and CEO of Arpin Group. “These agents have become a model of outstanding performance, cooperation and growth. As a whole, our agents’ quality scores have continued to increase. Those who have been selected as the recipients for these awards are the epitome of providing top services in their community.”

The full list of award winners is as follows:

Prime Agent of the Year: Mordue Moving & Storage, Inc.

Paul Arpin Award: Golden Services, LLC

Charles & Henria Campbell Mentor Award: Richard Greenberg, Chas. Wood & Son Moving

Humanitarian Award: Star International Movers

Best New Prime Agent: McGuire Moving & Storage

Gold Quality Agent Award: Stinelli Bros. Moving & Storage

Silver Quality Agent Award: Arpin America Moving Systems (Dallas & Houston locations), C. Coakley Relocation Systems, Hampton Roads Moving & Storage, Lange Moving Systems, McGuire Moving & Storage, Silicon Valley Moving & Storage, Studdard Moving & Storage

Arpin International Group People’s Choice Award: Allen Young Movers

Arpin International Group Gold Quality Award: Able Moving & Storage Co., Inc., Allen Young Movers

Arpin International Group Platinum Quality Award: Arpin America Moving systems

Arpin International Group Booking Award: C. Coakley Relocation Systems

Gold Quality Agent Award: Able Moving & Storage Co., Inc., Allstate Moving & Transfer Co., Inc., Bristol-Plymouth Moving & Storage, Inc., Business On The Move, LLC, Changing Places Moving, Daly Movers, Liberty Moving & Storage, Mordue Moving & Storage, Inc., Price’s Moving & Storage, Wm. Meyers Movers, Inc.

ArpinACES: Daly Movers, Liberty Moving & Storage, Mordue Moving & Storage, Wm. Meyers Movers, Inc.

Best Military Agent (Eastern Region): Hampton Roads Moving & Storage

Best Military Agent (Western Region): Ryans Moving & Storage

Greatest Private Residential Sales Volume Award: A Market: Transtar Moving Systems; B Market: C. Coakley Relocation Systems; C Market: Mordue Moving & Storage, Inc.

Greatest National Account Sales Volume Award: Arpin America Moving Systems (all locations)

Greatest GSA Sales Volume: Studdard Moving & Storage

Managed Lead Program Top Performer: Transtar Moving Systems

Arpin Sales Association Convention Award: 1st Place – John Adams, Mordue Moving & Storage, Inc.; 2nd Place – Jim Swallow, Arpin America Moving Systems (Houston location)

Fleet Safety Achievement Award: Arpin Moving Systems (Dallas & Houston locations), Holiday Van & Storage, Joe’s Moving & Storage, Liberty Moving & Storage, Mordue Moving & Storage, Inc., Ploegman Moving & Storage, Studdard Moving & Storage, Wm. Meyers Movers, Inc.

Million Dollar Haulers: AAA Movers, Inc., Daly Movers, Greater Dayton Moving & Storage & Associated Companies, Mordue Moving & Storage, Inc., Stewart Moving & Storage/Arpin of Jacksonville, Studdard Moving & Storage, Transtar Moving Systems

Million Dollar Booker: Studdard Moving & Storage

Two Million Dollar Booker Award: Arpin America Moving Systems, Mordue Moving & Storage, Inc.

Four Million Dollar Hauling Agent: Arpin America Moving Systems

Faithful Service Awards:

10 Years: C. Coakley Relocation Systems (Milwaukee location), Golden Services, LLC (Lakewood location), Silicon Valley Moving & Storage

20 Years: Greater Cincinnati Transfer

25 Years: Allstate Moving & Transfer Co., Inc., Cunningham Moving & Storage, Jernick Moving & Storage, Inc., Nevitt Moving & Storage, TLC Moving, Inc.

30 Years: Harry M. Kies Moving, Price’s Moving & Storage, Inc.