Why People Move During The Summer

1.  The weather. Winter seems to make everything harder when it comes to moving, especially with icy walkways, slippery roads and snow banks being major deterrents. Moving during the warmer months removes many of these challenges.

2.  School and work. It’s all about timing and for those with children, it’s easier to make the transition during summer break from school. Additionally, some companies experience their off peak season during this time and moving is often less disruptive to schedules.

3.  Marriage. Summer is also wedding season and many new couples move into a new home after they get married. The real estate market is also impacted by this trend.

With all the reasons to move during the summer, it’s not surprising to find the volume of moving that takes place during this peak season. Don’t forget that if you do have to move during this busy time to allow for the fact that movers and trucks will be in demand!