Where To Move As A New Grad

According to the report, markets that are deemed affordable are areas where the total cost of renting had to be less than 31% of a person’s income. Also, while it may be appealing to go to areas that have the best starting salaries, these same areas have the highest rents.

Trulia ranked the top 25 rental markets in order of affordability and St. Louis led the way with 18.62%. This means that 18.62% of rental units are affordable to new grads in relation to starting salaries. Out of the 25 markets, Portland, Oregon was ranked as the least affordable at 0.06%.

All of these factors are very important to keep in mind when looking for a new location. It may be your dream to move somewhere that’s nice and warm, but if your income doesn’t match up, you may want to wait until it does.

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