Figuring Out The Right Combination of Moving Materials has an awesome tool to help you figure that out in the form of their “Packing Calculator”. To begin, you’re asked to select the amount of bedrooms in your home along with the number of persons, ages 12 and over, in your household. From there, you select your lifestyle (minimalist, modest, pack rat) and your packing style (basic, average, professional).

We decided to play around with the calculator and here’s what we found were their recommendations for packing a three(3)bedroom home, with two(2) people ages 12 and over in the household, living a modest lifestyle, and wanting average packing:

  • 45 medium boxes
  • 31 large boxes
  • 13 extra large boxes
  • 9 picture boxes
  • 4 wardrobe boxes
  • 14 lbs. of packing paper
  • 90 ft. of bubble wrap
  • 360 ft. of stretch wrap
  • 3 rolls of tape
  • 2 tape dispensers
  • 2 sets of colored markers

As you can see, this calculator is pretty detailed! To check out the calculator and put in your own details, click here.