Wakeup Call from Hibernation

There are homeowners with properties that are not necessarily inhabited year-round in vacation areas. Therefore, accommodating buildings during freezing temperature drops throughout the winter is a priority; precautions to protect water pipes from freezing most likely took place back in the fall. In order to enjoy the warmer days in your summer cottage once more, a few steps must be taken in order to make the transition a successful one.

SFGate provides a helpful guide here that breaks down the process for making your second home habitable again. The article includes:

·     Advice for removing the sink and tub aerators

·     A breakdown of the workings of a plumbing system

·     Tips regarding the tools necessary for the job

We hope that this guide better prepares you for the spring and summer seasons ahead, which also happens to be our busiest time of year within the moving industry! Arpin looks forward to being your moving company of choice.