U.S. Housing Market at a Halt

The Wall Street Journal delves into the many facets that are contributing to stagnation within the housing market. Some of those include:

·      Rising mortgage rates

·      New tax laws

·      Weariness among first-time buyers

Read more here about the reasons why the housing market is at a slow crawl. According to the National Association of Realtors, about 40% of annual sales take place during the spring and early summer. Due to the bleak outlook within the housing market currently, expectations tend to be low among some.

Despite drawbacks such as these, we look forward to this typically busy time of year for the moving industry. Springtime calls for fresh beginnings, especially in regard to the start of new jobs, which leads to the relocation of thousands of families.  Arpin’s nationwide network of ProMover-certified agents stands ready to professionally service the thousands of families that will undoubtedly move this year,  regardless of the housing-market forecast.