It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

“I have been blessed to have met hundreds of truck drivers.

I truly believe they are a special breed.

Sure, like any other group, there are certainly ones that are still a bit wayward and perhaps do not make all the right decisions, but overall, they’re a group of people that are independent and giving.

They enjoy…I mean really enjoy…helping others. I can mostly only speak for the driver in the domestic household goods industry where I have worked for 26 years. Their reward at the end of a very long and hard day is to look into the faces of the family they’ve just moved and see relief and appreciation.

The ability to walk into someone’s home at one of the most stressful times in their lives and immediately set them at ease is remarkable. It is truly an art and a talent to be able to even load those trailers the way they do; fitting each piece in the trailer is like building a giant jigsaw puzzle, every piece must  fit just right so that nothing moves and everything is protected while the items travel the highways. That is a talent that I admire each time I look into the back of a trailer.

In addition to managing the actual packing through delivery, the drivers also have to ensure that all the proper paperwork is signed and explained to the customer. Furthermore, they also have to make sure that all of their logs are up-to-date in case they get stopped on the road. Keep in mind, they do this every day, every week, and every month.

Truck drivers in the household goods industry are giving people. They help others for the sake of helping others, the way it use to be years ago when neighbors helped each other. I cannot tell you all the times that a driver has told me “yes” to helping in situations where they knew that they may not get paid, but they said they would be happy to help anyways.


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