Thriftiness: the Oldest or Newest Fad?

In continuation of this month’s trend of environmentally conscious blog posts, thrift shopping eliminates environmental waste by finding a new home for old items. By thrift shopping, you also support the local economy by buying from a person who runs an antique or consignment shop. When you donate possessions that you no longer need to a thrift store, feel content to know that you are helping someone in need. Alternatively, choosing to go 50/50 with a consignment shop owner to earn extra spending money is a way to help you cover your personal finances. explains further the benefits to being thrifty here, which include:

·      Enjoyable DIY projects

·      Engagement in the community

·      Exciting business ventures

From Arpin’s perspective as a moving company, the biggest advantage to being involved with thrift shopping and/or selling is that it will prevent you from hauling unwanted things with you during your next move! This weekend, take a step back from the big box stores and explore the treasures that await you in your local thrift shop.