The Impact of Wreaths Across America

The grounds were seeded and lush: a gorgeous backdrop against the winter barren trees and pristine markers. Trucks were arranged symmetrically throughout the acreage, as were designated servicemen and women from all branches actively and orderly informing the volunteers how the process would take place. In the wait, there was a sense of calm anticipation among the crowd. Even the youngest ones were pleased to demonstrate their best form.

And then the Arpin Van Lines’ truck gates opened. One by one, boxes were placed on the streets and the precise instruction offered by the military personnel was now in force. Gathered were many including mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors. The scent of evergreen filled the air and it was decided in that very moment that the common threads among us all were now red, white, and blue. Soldiers, visibly withholding the pain, positioned wreaths with care while families took their place in a special line honoring their dearest. Boy Scouts worked diligently and we all paused as The President flew above by helicopter offering his respect for the occasion. The tears were prevalent. The accord was phenomenal.

Yet soon, as the task was near completion, numbers grew less and eventually stillness was anew as the scope of wreaths spread far and wide. We left quieter than we arrived. Even tonight, days removed from the event, I am impacted. I realize the sacrifice our Heroes made is hardly met by the placement of a wreath but the circle of love shared among us that day was worthy and is America.

Jennifer Harris-Brown

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