Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations

Ready to get creative? Here are some tips!

First, clear out the kitchen. One way to make sure your kitchen stays clutter-free on Thanksgiving Day is to set the table the night before. This will get the place setting essentials out of the kitchen so you have more space to work when it’s time to cook.

Second, make a pot and pan plan. Planning a successful Thanksgiving dinner in a small cooking area is easy if you do a little math first. 4 stove burners + 1 oven + 1 microwave + 1 crockpot + 1 outdoor grill = a lot of spaces to cook. Create a strategic menu that uses all of your cooking surfaces wisely.

Third, distract your dinner guests.Preparing a meal in a small cooking area is challenging enough without people wandering in and out of your kitchen. Guests love to help and they’re the reason you’re preparing this great dinner, so give them strategic tasks to keep them occupied and out of your way.

Arpin would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family. Enjoy!