Staying Home: 5 Ideas to Keep Your Kids Occupied and Educated

5 Ideas to Keep Your Kids Occupied and Educated

Social distancing can be tough during a time like this. Spring has finally arrived, it is getting warmer, and with that, fun social events can be very tempting. It is best to air on the side of caution though, and stay inside to promote a healthy environment for you and your family during a national emergency such as the one we are currently experiencing. Many families are struggling to keep their children educated and entertained right now. Luckily, there are some fun things you can do to help your children continue their education at home and hone in on some skills that will certainly be of value to them later in life.

Send Letters to Loved Ones

For young children, learning how to properly write a letter is a skill that many don’t get the opportunity to practice anymore. In fact, in our world of text messaging and emails, many schools have completely omitted the teaching. When staying at home, it is the perfect time for your kids to learn this helpful skill, utilize their creativity, and put a smile on the faces of the family and friends they have chosen to write to. While teaching your children correct formatting and layout for letter writing, allow them to use their artistic skills to decorate each one. This way, they won’t feel like they are being homeschooled and they’ll even have some fun!

Have an Educational Movie Night

Most adults remember sitting in class as a child and relishing in those lucky few days per school year when the television was rolled in, and you got to watch a movie instead of reading from a book. Take that feeling home with you and pass it on to your children. If you are home-educating your child, give them something fun to learn from in an educational documentary or the film version of a famous novel. If you are running low on options through your streaming services or DVD collection, your local library should have an array of movies to choose from. Did you know that they also have a free streaming service? All you need is your library card!

Build a Play Fort

Before mobile games and Netflix, there were forts. Building a play fort, inside or outside, was the best way to pass the time back when parents were kids. Today, we realize that this activity is a great opportunity for children to exercise their minds. Building a fort influences critical thinking skills, problem solving and planning, and depending on how advanced the fort is, it can even give your kids a little physical exercise. Get some great fort ideas online; there are ideas out there for every age group and skill level.

Morning Exercise

There are many benefits of morning exercise, for both adults and children. Experts say performing some exercise in the morning is your body’s all-natural cup of coffee. Getting your body moving wakes up your brain and your muscles, making you much more prepared for the day ahead. For your children, it can kick start the learning process to come. Yoga is a great option for children due to its practice of balance, body awareness, strength, and stability. YouTube offers some great free videos for kids, making it even easier to practice at home. Browse around. For your younger children, there are even Disney movie themed yoga lessons!

Include Them in Their Own Meal Prep

Many schools today have opted out of home economics classes, leaving this teaching responsibility to parents. Staying home due to social distancing makes for the perfect time to teach your children how to cook. Include them in your weekly meal prep and even their own! Let them help prepare dinner and allow them to see the work that goes into preparing the meals that they eat. Help them measure ingredients, read recipes, distribute food portions, and allow them to taste foods they’ve never tried before. The entire experience can aid in sensory processing and define motor skills, among other benefits.

Spending time at home over these next few weeks does not have to be boring. Consider these moments a wonderful opportunity for you to bond with your children and mix it up a bit, all while building a strong foundation for them in preparation for their adult lives.

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