Spirits Lifted: A Lesson in Humility

Recently, families were relieved of some of these burdens when they were replenished by donations organized and delivered this month. This was made possible due to the initiative and leadership of Arpin Group’s Vice President of Global Business Development, Bridget Ritchie; Arpin International Group’s client, Sylk Negron, of Sylk Marti Studios; Ivy Linares, owner,  Parties and Balloons E; and others.

Arpin and Arpin Strong contributed a shipping container and assisted in the process of transporting multiple containers filled with supplies desperately needed by residents of Bayamon, Caguas, Utuado, San Lorenzo, Yabucoa, and Aguadilla. In return, images from the Utuado and Bayamon villages were sent back to us, depicting the recipients of the collected relief supplies.

Food, bottled water, blankets, toiletries, pet food, and lanterns are some of the crucial items that the residents were given and pose happily with. Essentials such as clean water to drink, warmth from a blanket, and light at night have brought joy to these people. We reflect on this and wish them the best in their journey towards recovering their homes and lifestyle.