Planning a Successful Yard Sale

There are many benefits to having a yard sale, with the most obvious being less objects to pack and handle during your move. Some extra cash is also made in the process, as an added perk! In order to lighten your load in this way, however, there are some steps that must be taken in order to make your yard sale appealing to passersby. provides some helpful tips for planning a successful yard sale, which are broken down to include:

·     Picking the right date

·     Advertising your event

·     Gathering helpful supplies

·     Sorting and pricing items

A successful yard sale can help you stay within the range of your accuquote. This is the estimate that Arpin Van Lines gives for moving services and supplies, where the cost is the maximum amount that can be charged. However, if the actual weight of the shipment or services performed cost less than quoted, the lower amount is charged. Arpin wishes you a profitable yard sale this summer (or, at the very least, that you find someone who will take that ancient push-mower off of your hands at no cost!)