6 New Year’s Resolutions for your Home

New Year's Resolution for your home

The year is coming to a close once again. If you are like many, you may be considering a New Year’s resolution. After all the good eating during the holidays, many people will commit to getting in better shape and join a gym. Others, vow to save more money or learn a new hobby. We think that resolutions can start at home, though. Your home deserves some attention too and there is no feeling greater than the one you get when you’ve completed a home improvement project. With an outcome that you can clearly see, it is easy to feel good accomplishing these New Year’s resolutions for your home.

Organize your Closets

If you are lucky enough to have time off of work this holiday season, perhaps starting a resolution even before the New Year begins is a good option for you. Reorganizing the closet is a task that many find therapeutic. It feels great to see an orderly, clean space. Purchase some inexpensive plastic totes for storage and go through your clothes. If you’re the very organized type, hang your sweaters, coats, suits, or dresses by season or color. It’s your closet. Make it just the way you like it.

Rearrange the Furniture

If you are looking for a fresh start, but can’t spend the money for a home renovation or a redesign, simply rearranging your furniture can make an old space feel new again. Considering the traffic flow of the room, move the sofa to a different side of the room for better footing. Cut the glare on the TV by moving it, facing away from the windows. You know what will work best as you go. In the end, it will feel like a whole new room, even though you haven’t put a single extra penny into it.

Invite More Loved Ones Over

Many times, we are tired at the end of the day or too concerned with cleanliness to invite people over. That can put a damper on seeing the ones you love as much as you’d like to. Creating a space that is inviting for family and friends is a great way to follow through with that resolution. You don’t have to go crazy. Whether you prefer a group of people or simple, one-on-one time with a single friend, the entertaining can be done in one simple spot in your home. Make it cozy and inviting. You will be socializing more in no time at all.

Repaint a Room

Have you been talking about repainting the living room for months? Now is the time to do it! We can sometimes drag our feet and go over color swatches for what seems like forever before we take the leap into painting a room. Take advantage of the time you have and enjoy the process. It is exciting to revamp a room with a different color scheme. Afterward, purchasing different decorative items to go along with your new walls can be a fun and rewarding project. Take before and after photos so you can show your friends and family how proud you are of accomplishing your New Year’s resolution project.

Purge Items you no Longer Use

There is a place for everything. If there isn’t, get rid of it. It is a fact that messy, cluttered environments cause the people in them unneeded stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Purging items you no longer need, can give you a very accomplished feeling, like starting fresh. Make a rule for yourself. If you haven’t used it in six months or more, toss it, donate it, or put it in storage. Afterward, make another resolution to keep the six-month rule in place going forward.

Start Hunting for a New Home

Moving is a big decision. If you have been considering it, and are ready to do so, take the leap and make your New Year’s resolution to start house hunting. Get your home ready to sell by completing all those little projects or, if you think it’s good to go and you have a new place to live already, put it on the market. Preparing to move, the process of moving itself, and settling into a new home can stretch out over some time. Get started as soon as you are ready so you can feel the comfort of a completed resolution sooner.

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