New Worldwide ERC® Survey Highlights Mobility Upswing

Here are some highlights taken directly from the Worldwide ERC® press release:

  • While results reflect a majority of transferees as renters, this year the ratio of renters to buyers dipped slightly (to 57 percent from 62 percent, which had held steady for the previous four years).
  • Employee reluctance to move has declined. Forty-nine percent of organizations reported experiencing problems with employee reluctance, which is down from 78 percent in 2012 and 61 percent in 2013 – a 29 percent decrease over two years.
  • The average cost to relocate a current employee homeowner in 2013 was $90,219; 1 percent less than the $91,528 reported for 2012.
  • The average homesale assistance cost in 2013 remained steady at just short of $45,000, approximately $250 more than last year.

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