It’s Time For National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

Look around your home or office.  Mostly everything that you have was trucked in across this great country.Whether it’s your groceries, your clothes, shoes, or food at your favorite restaurant, a professional driver trucked it in.

In our business of household goods moving, a driver is so much more. A driver needs to be the main point of contact to move your most prized possessions across the country.A driver not only needs to know all of the federal regulations and adhere to all safety rules. They need to know how to wrap, load, and protect furniture so that it arrives safely.

Drivers are often away from home for weeks at a time, even months. They are away from family and friends and live most of their lives on the road.In fact, theymostly drive while we are sleeping, when the highways are less congested, for greater safety.

When you are moving your home, there are always plenty of emotions and it can be a lot for a person to coordinate, so a driver needs to have the ability to work with people.

Moving is listed as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and the driver finds himself right in the middle of it.

We hope that during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, people take the time to just look up and say thank you to all of the drivers across this country.

Submitted by David Vieira, Vice President of Driver Recruitment, Arpin Van Lines, Inc.