Moving On a Budget

The answer is, neither wants to spend more money on moving, especially after paying a small fortune for their new spaces!

Regardless of personal backgrounds, as the previous example showed, we all want to save money. A great place to start is visiting our previous blog post about spring-cleaning. Clearing out old possessions is an excellent tactic to keep your move within your budget, as it is less weight being transported.

Katie Kurtz of Adorned discusses several more ways that can help lower the cost of your move here. Some of the pointers that she suggests include:

·     Economical moving supplies

·     Cheap packing alternatives

·     Financial paperwork advice

Arpin Van Lines is an affordable option; our Ballpark Move Cost Estimator is available on our homepage, and immediately determines the cost range for your move with us. With just a few clicks on our website, you can receive an accurate move cost estimate. Arpin Van Lines’ movers near you will provide you with the best moving services, and there are no surprise costs!