Moving Internationally During the Pandemic

moving internationally during the pandemic


Moving during the pandemic requires a lot of extra research and consideration than moving during regular times. This is especially true for moving internationally. If you are planning on moving internationally during the pandemic, there are lots of questions that you should be asking concerning health and safety regulations, national and international policies, and visa and passport processes, among other things. At Arpin, we specialize in global relocation but our job looks a bit different right now than it does in normal circumstances. We have compiled some resources for you to check out as you consider your upcoming move.


General Health Considerations for Travel



International Moving During COVID



For some, COVID has changed our way of life, work environment, and access to resources. Numerous polls suggest that many people are considering a move to a different environment post-pandemic: whether it be from a city to the countryside, or to another country entirely. Here are some articles to help you dream up a new future.


Post-Pandemic Moving


If you are unsure about whether or not you can move internationally, or you have other questions or concerns about the process, you can contact Arpin at 877-856-4660. A representative will be standing by.