Maricopa County, AZ Leads The Way In Annual Growth

Between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2016, Maricopa County added a whopping 81,360 people, which averages out to 222 people per day. Harris County didn’t even come close to that, closing in at second with “just” 56,587 people, averaging 155 per day.

Along with the highest annual population growth, Maricopa County also grew the fastest among the top 10 largest counties in the country at 1.95 percent, which was a .05 percent increase from the previous year. This places Maricopa as the fourth-largest county, trailing Los Angeles County, CA; Cook County, IL; and Harris County, TX respectively.

More statistics were also released, which range from county highlights to metropolitan statistical area highlights. All information can be viewed here.