Making Every Day Earth Day

This is a gentle reminder that the efforts put forth on Earth Day should be practiced daily. Juggling priorities is a hassle within all of our busy lives; however, we don’t want to lose steam in regard to the progress that has been made towards regaining a healthy environment. The ambitio

n to love our planet should not be a fad that is limited to just one day. Rather, practicing eco-friendliness throughout the year surrounding April 22 is a goal that we should all strive for as human beings.

Arpin Group’s intention is to practice sustainability daily. Part of our legacy for getting away from fossil fuel dependence is embodied in the eNow transportation solution we helped invent through our subsidiary Arpin Renewable Energy. Beginning in 2009, Arpin began working with a team of scientists to develop large scale solar collection panels and make them mobile. The energy generated by the trailer’s rooftop panels feeds a unit’s batteries and auxiliary equipment resulting in an incredible reduction in emissions.Additionally, our headquarters reflect sustainable efforts, as we invested in workstations made from recycled materials and installed solar panels that serve as a clean energy source. Speaking of energy, whenever our employees work out in our Wellness Center, the power created by using an elliptical or treadmill is then redirected back into our building’s power grid.

These are only a few highlights of the contributions that Arpin ReNewable Energy has made towards a green economy. To keep up to date on sustainable news, visit for the latest on topics covering business, living, education, food, building, and transportation! Happy Earth Day, every day!