7 Tips to Help Make Overnight Guests Feel Welcome

7 Tips to Help to Make Overnight Guests Feel WelcomeThe summer months are a popular time for travel. Many people will visit friends and family while the kids are out of school, meaning that you could be welcoming visitors in the near future. We have compiled seven great tips to make your overnight guests feel welcome in your home.

1. Clean up

Create a welcoming environment for your guests by tidying up your home. Ensure that all common area rooms (family room, kitchen, etc.) and guest rooms are neat and organized.

2. Provide a comfortable sleeping space

Spend some extra time freshening up your guest room. Fresh, comfortable bedding will help your guests get a good night’s sleep. A luggage rack will make it easier to unpack, and extra hangers in the closet will allow guests to hang up clothing. Don’t go overboard with room sprays, as your guests may be sensitive to certain smells.

3. Welcome basket

Prepare a small welcome basket with a few local treats, bottles of water, and travel essentials. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

4. Provide a household manual

Prepare a small manual with important household information such as the alarm code, Wi-Fi passcode, and any necessary instructions your guests may need to make themselves at home.

5. House key

Providing an extra house key is a nice touch and allows your guests to explore the area on their own. This can be especially helpful if you have other obligations to tend to while your visitors are in town.

6. Extra towels and toiletries in the bathroom

Nobody likes having to ask for extra towels or toilet paper. By stocking your guest bathroom with extra towels and toiletries, your guests will be comfortable and have fresh towels and enough toiletries to last the duration of their stay.

7. Stock the kitchen

To really make your visitors feel at home, make sure to pick up a few of their favorite things from the grocery store and stock them in your kitchen. Keeping an assortment of fresh fruits and easily accessible snacks is also a great way to make sure your guests don’t go hungry.

Finally, if you’ll be the house guest during an upcoming move, be sure to provide your Arpin movers with all your contact information, including the telephone number and address to the temporary residence, so we can reach you throughout the moving process.