7 Ways to Make your College Move an Easy One

7 Ways to Make your College Move

The end of the summer is fast approaching and you know what that means! School is almost in session. Parents everywhere are getting their children ready to move into dorms or apartments just in time to begin college. It’s easy for both parents and students to become overwhelmed with this tough move. Here a just a few helpful tips to make it a little easier.


Make a Checklist in the Weeks Beforehand

Moving to college usually means creating a whole new inventory of personal items. What was once shared in the family home is no longer available to that new college student. It can be very easy to forget a thing or two to buy or bring. As you think of items, write down everything – small and large.


Save a Few Bucks with Hand-Me-Downs

Ask around for furniture or other household items that your extended family and friends may be looking to get rid of. Almost everyone has a stash of things set aside to be donated eventually. Save a few bucks on items that may otherwise just be tossed and can be donated to you!


Get there Early

The earlier you finish, the earlier you can relax. There may even be less people in your way to get things moved in. On top of all that, you can pick the best bed or bedroom! You really can’t go wrong here.


Pack a Lunch

Unless you plan on taking a break mid-day to eat not-so-great cafeteria food, plan to pack you and your movers a lunch. Moving is tough work and losing momentum can ruin the flow. You need some energy to get through that kind of exercise. Plus, if you bring a lunch, you save a couple of bucks and finish faster.


Don’t Take What You Don’t Need

Though this sounds like an obvious one, it can sometimes be hard to part with the sentimental stuff. Think hard about what you really need to have with you and what you can leave back at home with your parents or in storage. Is it going to clutter up your living space? Are you going to use it more often than not?


Enlist Help from Friends and Family

There is nothing better than having friends who will help you move, right? You can pay them in pizza if you decide to do that instead of packing a lunch! Pick only a couple of people though, to work quickly and not overcrowd the area. It’s easier to stay on task when there are just a few good movers to help out.


Check out the College’s Move-in Policies

Before you head over with a car packed to the brim, check out the college’s move-in policy or guidelines. Take note of where to pick up keys, where to park and unload, and if there will be any students or staff to help in the move. If you are living on campus, there is also normally a list of banned items such as coffee pots or hot plates. Every college has their own set of rules.


Take these steps and you are sure to have a smooth move into college life. Though dorms are one small space that many people handle on their own, moving to a new apartment may be a bit more difficult, especially if you’ve already acquired a lot of larger items. Arpin could be the best and easiest option for you. If you prefer fast, professional movers, call your local Arpin agent today and skip all the legwork.