Introducing: Arpin Van Lines Alternative Surveys


Arpin Van Lines is proud to introduce an alternative to traditional in-home moving estimates: alternative surveys. Our alternative surveys utilize telephone, video, and artificial intelligence, or a combination of them, to bring you an accurate moving estimate without needing to have a professional representative in your home. With the current pandemic crisis taking a toll on ‘business as usual’, we are pleased to be able to offer these no-contact options for moving customers. The time, safety, and comfort of our customers is our number one priority. At Arpin, we are working hard to ensure that little-to-no contact is necessary throughout the moving process.

Benefits of an Alternative Survey

There are a range of situations in which an alternative survey may be the best option while planning your move. The following examples are some in which an alternative survey can and should be utilized.

  • You have health concerns, are immunocompromised, or otherwise need to take social distancing very seriously to protect yourself or those around you.
  • You wish to have a survey conducted after typical business hours for scheduling or convenience reasons.
  • An Arpin service representative cannot physically get to your home in an appropriate amount of time.
  • You prefer the convenience of electronic correspondence.


The Alternative Survey Process

We offer several alternative survey options. They are listed in detail below.


A local agent will talk with you on the phone and ask you questions about your belongings. This can be done over a landline and does not require video. In order to offer a more accurate move quote, photographs of certain belongings may be requested.


A video survey will require a fully charged smartphone, flashlight, tape measure, and wireless internet or cell data. Your agent will guide you through each step of the process.

Artificial Intelligence:

This survey will be conducted using AI software and does not initially require an agent representative.


To get started or find out more information about our offered alternative surveys, contact Arpin Van Lines at 877-856-4660. Read more about the process here.