In Case You Missed It

International Women’s Day has been observed since 1911. The day has been set aside to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Events took place all throughout the world from Australia to the United Kingdom. Arpin's employees marked the occasion by celebrating their female colleagues. In fact, Dominik Bazyluk from our Arpin International Ireland office baked a fabulous nectarine patisserie to celebrate. Sounds delicious! We’re thankful for all of our women employees that work hard day in and day out at all of our corporate locations. You make all the difference!

Switching gears, National Consumer Protection Week was held to encourage consumers to know their rights. Scams can unfortunately be a common thing when it comes to any type of transaction, so it’s important to look out for any red flags. The American Moving & Storage Association posted several tips throughout the week across their social media channels to inform consumers about the latest scams. Thanks for those tips!

For more information on both of these events and what to expect next year, you can go to their respective homepages:

International Women’s Day

National Consumer Protection Week