Importance Of Professional Packing

However, when I went to my local garden center and spoke with the experts, I quickly realized that there was much more to planting a successful garden then I had anticipated. As the plant pro explained, “Why do you want to invest your money and time picking out just the right plants, without ensuring that they will thrive and yield a successful harvest?” His words resonated with me; I took his advice and decided not to cut corners. Now, I am anxiously waiting the fruits of my labor.

Like I did, many people preparing for an upcoming move don’t anticipate the amount of time, energy, and expertise it will take to prepare their household goods for a successful move. Many try to cut costs by forgoing the services of professionally-trained packing teams and decide to tackle this portion of the move themselves. However, this is certainly not the area to compromise. A good packing job will not only protect your valuables, it will actually make settling into your new home much easier.

Statistics show that improper packing is a leading cause of damage. Professional packers will use specially-designed boxes and materials appropriate for each item being packed. While packing items yourself could take weeks or even months to complete, a full service moving company will provide skilled labor that can complete the job in a fraction of the time. Depending on the size of your move, a two-person pack team can typically pack up a four bedroom home in one day—saving you time, money, and giving you peace of mind that your treasures will make it to their destination unblemished.

However, if you do experience loss or damage to your household goods that were professionally packed by the moving company, you will be provided with a remedy in accordance with the type of transit protection you selected prior to loading. Generally, interstate transit protection will fall into one of the following categories (unless you decide to self insure or your employer is paying for your move and has a contractual relationship with the carrier which predefines replacement value protection coverage):

  • The lump sum value you declare, which may not be less than $6,000 or $6.00 per pound multiplied by the actual weight of your belongings, whichever is greater. Items valued at or in excess of $100 per pound per article or $2,000 per set should be listed separately on the Declaration of Items of Extraordinary Value and Firearms form.
  • The actual loss or damage not exceeding $0.60 per pound of the weight of any lost or damaged articles if the shipment is released, in writing, with liability limited to $0.60 per pound per article. This coverage is provided at no additional cost to the customer.

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Karen Bannon, Sr. Marketing Specialist, Arpin Group, Inc.