How to De-Clutter Before a Move

But what happens when you pull everything out of your closet, and your “keep” pile becomes the largest? It’s suddenly difficult to part with the birthday cards that you’ve been collecting over the years. You can almost feel grandma glaring down on you as you contemplate if you should donate the vase that you inherited, but have no use for.

Arpin Van Lines has some tips here that will help you overcome the struggle of holding onto material objects. Some of these tips include how to say goodbye to:

·     Furniture

·     Clothing

·     Kitchen Supplies

·     Outdoor Equipment

By training yourself to be neutral towards an item rather than emotional will help determine how useful it truly is to you and whether or not it should stay in your life. Not to mention, joy can be a side-affect of de-cluttering; who would have thought that grandma’s vase would look so lovely filled with flowers in your neighbor’s kitchen?!