Arpin Driver Committed to Quality – Every Job, Every Day

Dear Mr. Arpin,

I’d like to compliment one of your CREWS, Power Unit 603, in their willingness to help me and my wife during an especially difficult time; it is something we will never forget.  It takes a very caring person to stop and risk their lives without second guessing and come to the aid of a total stranger.

Recently, while traveling into Missouri on Interstate 44, my wife and I were traveling when we suddenly noticed that there was smoke coming from the dashboard of our 2012 Chevy Camero.  We immediately pulled over to see what was causing the smoke.  Once I pulled off to a neutral area of the Interstate and opened the hood, the engine compartment became a ball of fire.  We did not know what to do, so I closed the hood and we ran away from the car.

Within a few minutes, a big rig with ARPIN on the side of it stopped.  As soon as the rig stopped, three guys came running to assist us.  One had a fire extinguisher, another had a furniture pad and the other was putting on a pair of gloves.  They asked no questions, just told us to move.  The one with the gloves opened the door and pulled the latch to release the hood and threw my wife’s purse and cell phone in the grass along with my Panera Bag.  As one opened the hood, the other began to spray with the fire extinguisher.  Shortly after, the fire was out.

The Responders arrived on scene and secured the area.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the Driver and his Crew.  They are great individuals.  They made my wife and I feel like we were all family.  One of the Crew members got a bottle of water and a folding chair from underneath a large compartment and allowed my wife to sit so that she could gather herself.

In a time when there is a lot of chaos, one can almost find humor.  The driver went and retrieved our belongings that he had thrown from inside of the car.  When he came up to the area where we were sitting, he gave us our belongings and I let him know that we were blessed for all they had done.  I asked him what happened to the sandwich that was in the Panera Bag, and he said, “when you were busy trying to calm your wife down, I decided to eat it before those ants over on the ground ate it.”  Just when we needed a laugh, we got one.

The crew stayed until they knew we were OK.  They must have been there 45 minutes.  It seemed like forever.  They said they would love to stay but they had to be in Fort Leonard Wood to do a job.  They got into their big rig and disappeared down the Interstate.

I must have seen a billon big rigs pass down the highway, but ARPIN is the only name I will never forget.  Their crews are like angels.  I will pass the ARPIN experience on to everyone that I can and hope they will allow ARPIN to have their business and do something positive in their lives.

I do believe that those three guys are COMMITTED TO QUALITY EVERY JOB EVERY DAY (this was printed on the guys’ shirts).

Their thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.  I am enclosing three ($50) gift cards.  Would you please see that my new friends receive this as a token of our sincere appreciation?  I never got to ask their names, but I will call them MY FRIENDS.

Their willingness to help us during an especially difficult time is something I’ll never forget.  Such a commitment to assist a total stranger during their most troublesome moment is to be commended.

TO THE ARPIN FAMILY: Blessings always look small if we just keep them, but if we learn to share them, we realize how great and precious they are.

Best Regards.

Truly, an amazing and courageous act.