Happy New Year 2011!

As you can already tell, our website is new and improved! I love it. It’s simple, easy to navigate, and has a sense of “freshness” to it. Take a moment, browse the site and see all that Arpin has to offer to our customers. We’ve added updated moving tips and FAQs that will answer any questions you may have about your move. Our intent was to make it more consumer-friendly and I believe we achieved that goal.

We’re also taking huge strides in increasing our social media presence. Become a fan on Facebook or follow our tweets! You’ll find up-to-date information about Arpin and what’s going on with our agents. We have Facebook pages for our van line and for Arpin International Group, our sister company that takes care of our moves overseas. We also have a profile on LinkedIn and a channel on YouTube. Search for “Arpin Van Lines” on YouTube and you’ll currently find a video featuring yours truly wishing you a happy and safe holiday (and I hope it was)! There’s nothing like spending quality time with your family.

It’s amazing how far technology has come. You can take a picture one second and upload it the next. In a few years, maybe I’ll be able to address all of you via hologram!

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I wish all of you a prosperous 2011!

Take care,