Happy 4th of July Weekend!

First off, when it comes to boating, make sure everyone on board knows the rules of the boat. Show all passengers where the life vests are and whoever is operating the boat should be sober at all times. Having a first aid kit on board as well should be a must.

If you’re the grill master of your group, make sure all food is cooked properly and that the cooking station you’re using is in top condition. In the event that children are present at your event, they should be told not to go near the grill to avoid any injuries.

The grand finale is the fireworks. There are some that like to kick back and enjoy the show that is sponsored by their local town and then there are those that like to light the fireworks off themselves. If you’re the latter, make sure the area is clear around you so nothing can be lit on fire. It also doesn’t hurt to have a fire extinguisher nearby in the event that things go wrong.

A lot of these tips sound self explanatory, but it’s important to revisit them in time for this weekend. We hope you have a great and safe time. Enjoy!