Gardening At Arpin

The newest venture for the committee is the creation of an employee-run vegetable garden! What started as a casual idea during a meeting is now a reality. Arpin employees met this week to put everything together and a local company, Rambone Greenhouses, donated the soil and plants. The main focus of the garden is to create more opportunities for our employees to learn about living sustainably while giving back to the community. Therefore, all produce grown will subsequently be donated to local food banks.

Throughout the years, Arpin has always been heavily involved with advancing green initiatives through its subsidiary, Arpin Renewable Energy,  and providing our customers with green moving benefits, but it’s great to see even more being done at Arpin’s headquarters. We would love to see more companies in the moving industry adopt these ideals and we’d be more than happy to provide them with information to help them get the ball rolling.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress!