Arpin & Cardi’s Send Four Trailers To Oklahoma For Relief

The four locations involved in the relief drive were in West Warwick, Swansea, South Attleboro, and Braintree. Employees from Arpin and Cardi’s assisted those that stopped by and helped unload cars. American Red Cross was also in attendance at the South Attleboro location, accepting monetary donations and giving out coffee and donuts.

A couple of  Arpin’s employees commented  on the event:

“It was a heartwarming experience to know and see firsthand the good in people. An elderly woman came by, donated to the Red Cross, and left only to come back shortly thereafter with her truck full of items,” said Paula Simao, Legal Assistant.

“Very cool to see.  There were all kinds of people showing up with one or two bottles upwards to five or six cases of water and sports drinks. In fact, we sent a whole truck filled up with about 300 cases of water,” said David Vieira, Senior Vice President of Operations.

The items accepted were bottled water, sports drinks, energy bars, diapers, paper towels, and wipes. Thank you to everyone that donated items and their time for the event!