Arpin Group Delivers Its First Community Garden Harvest


The West Warwick Senior Center was established in 1977 as a community resource for recreation, education, meals, transportation, and wellness for seniors and those requiring aid.

Earlier in the year, Arpin employees participated in the garden install and continue to volunteer during paid time off to maintain the garden. The garden uses native plants that are more tolerant of the summer conditions and need less water to survive. Moreover, it’s completely organic in nature to help our campus be friendly to pollinators—with great concern for the demise of our honey bee population.

None of this would be possible without the guidance of the Arpin Sustainability Committee. The garden was a concept that was continually discussed during the committee’s monthly meetings and a plan was put into action. Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far! It’s amazing to see the dedication of Arpin’s employees that maintain the garden. It’s safe to say that the first year for the garden has been a success!