Cheers To 2017 – A Fantastic Year

We’d like to take this time to thank everyone involved with our initiatives and every-day activity!

Thank you to our amazing drivers. We know it’s difficult to be away from family for weeks at a time driving all over the country. We’re sure dealing with crazy weather conditions wasn’t ideal either! Arpin is extremely fortunate to have some of the best owner-operators, company drivers, and agent drivers in the household goods moving industry. Keep up the great work!

Thank you to our amazing staff. Everyone works hard day in and day out, and on top of that, the number of employees that contributed to our community service efforts was truly incredible, from continuing to volunteer at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank to donating clothing and assisting families in need for the holidays. Many families and individuals were greatly impacted by the time and items that were donated this year.

Thank you to our amazing customers. It was our pleasure to move you this year and if you ever need anything else, please call or email us at any time. You could have chosen any company for your move, but you chose us, and for that, we are very appreciative.

2017 was a blast and we’re definitely looking forward to 2018. We hope everyone has an excellent Happy New Year. Be safe!