Don’t Let the Summer Moving Season Pass You By Without Celebrating Your Successes

It’s no secret that it’s hard to handle one of the most stressful events a family will ever encounter. We work late hours, talk delivery windows, cubic feet, steamships, and gross ups. Then September rolls around and we all forget how busy summertime was. We take our long awaited vacations; the kid are back in school; vendors come bearing gifts of pizza parties and host meet and greets touting that next year will be “better”…and before we know it, it’s April again. So what do you do in August? Here’s what I replied to my friend:

  1. Have a T-minus 30 party – If you have a staff that in any way touches the moves of your employees, they deserve to be recognized for the hard work and understanding that they give to make your transferees’ moves a little easier. The T-30 party is a reminder that as a team, you’ve almost made it through the summer. It’s a time to celebrate customer service, share your battle scars, and talk about your triumphs and defeats. But mostly… it’s a reminder of WHY we do what we do and WHY we come back year after year to serve relocating families.
  2. Review Those Score-Cards – Maybe you felt that you had a great year; your team worked like a well-oiled machine, your vendors were phenomenal, and the new mobility program that you implemented functioned exactly as you planned. I’ll tell you, from my experience, I doubt that’s the case. There’s always something that could have been better or something that you wished you’d done differently. The score cards will bring out those issues.
  3. Plan for Change – Having an open dialog of what worked and what didn’t is part of designing a custom-fit solution for your employees. Hopefully, you have a team in place that reviews these things at the end of each summer. If you don’t, now is a good time to start forming that group. If you’re missing your goals, you should be asking “why?” Did you provide the right resources for your employees? Were there external factors that contributed to the deficiencies? Are you partnering with the right providers? Don’t be afraid to embrace change.

So my fellow relocation professionals, as we head into the final 30 days of the busy season, keep your head up and keep pressing forward. Labor Day is just around the corner and you’re about to make it through another year of delivering amazing support to your relocating families. Until then, keep calm and relocate!

Submitted by Christina Seskey, Director Business Development – West Coast, Arpin Group, Inc.