Biggest Holiday Season To Date?

Stores all over the country will open up as early as 4 a.m. to accommodate shoppers looking to purchase that prized gift for the holidays. For those that prefer shopping online, Cyber Monday is the ideal day where one doesn’t even have to leave the house to get the deals they’re looking for.

According to Adobe Digital Insights and, they’re predicting that 2016 will be a strong year for holiday sales.

For starters, ADI believes that Black Friday will be “bigger than ever” with sales expected to exceed $3 billion, which is an 11.5% increase over last year. Cyber Monday is also predicted to have similar results with sales of $3 billion, but their increase will “only” be 9.4%.

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If you’re planning to hit the stores on Black Friday, please be safe and courteous to all those around you! We can assure you that you’ll get everything that you’re looking for leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah. Hold open doors for people when you’re going into a store and say thank you to someone doing it for you. It may alleviate any stress that they have that day!