Benefits of Moving Off-Season

September is just a few days away which means that the height of moving season is coming to a close. While people often opt to move during the warmer months, there are some real benefits of moving off-season. From more flexible scheduling to lower rates: today we will look at the pros of moving during autumn and winter.


  1. Moving companies aren’t as busy: this means that your chances of getting your preferred moving date are higher. It also means that you may not need to book as far in advance if you choose to move within a smaller time frame.
  2. Packing is mostly an indoor activity: packing during the cooler months means that you won’t be missing out on outdoor activities such as camping and swimming. There is nothing worse than being stressed out over a move while your friends and family around you are going on vacation and enjoying the summertime.
  3. Moving rates are likely to be lower: moving companies operate on an ‘as-needed’ basis meaning that moving rates are higher during peak season. Each company is different and will offer different discounts and savings programs.

At Arpin you may be eligible to save with moving discounts from September 1st – April 30th. Depending on your particular move details you may qualify for our Moving Performance Program.

The program features:

  • $150 off the total price of your move
  • Time span delivery guarantee – we deliver within the agreed upon window or we pay you $150 per day
  • 15% off full replacement value protection (FRVP)
  • $25 per day claims guarantee if the claims resolution letter isn’t received within 30 days


If you are moving off-season contact your local Arpin agent today. They will be able to assess whether or not your move qualifies for our discount program.

For all of your moving needs – Arpin Van Lines is here to serve.