Back to School

Many families actively make the choice to time their move “just right” by coordinating it during school vacation in the summer. This allows for children to avoid missing school during a move as well as going through the experience of saying goodbye to friends abruptly. However, oftentimes making the move in the middle of the year allows for better integration socially since the child will be placed in an environment filled with others within their age group immediately. The article found here offers five various strategies that are helpful when it comes to children and teens of all ages who must move during their school year.

Check out our helpful tips on How to Move with Children, which is just one of our many helpful moving guides found on Arpin’s website. Parents try their best to plan ahead, but sometimes it just isn’t always possible. Regardless if you foresee a move within the next few months or if it comes as a surprise, Arpin is here to assist with making the change for your family go as smoothly as possible.