Arpin’s (Refrigerator) Doors Are Always Open

Ramadan, a religious celebration that takes place for about thirty days, occurred this past month. Fasting from sunrise until sunset is obligatory for most adult Muslims during this time, in addition to refraining from sinful behavior and increasing prayer time. Many continue with their daily routine all the while, and by evening those who participate are famished.

This past week, to assist the less fortunate community workers and laborers who fast during Ramadan, Arpin International Group – Middle East and DASA International Movers joined a movement known as the Ramadan Sharing Fridges by serving free food and drinks in the Al Quoz Industrial area. This initiative began about two years ago and has since grown; in 2017 last year, 170 fridges were available on streets throughout Dubai. Arpin is proud to be among the 27,000 members who have joined the campaign through Facebook.

Our Arpin volunteers were situated in the most populated industrial area in Dubai, distributing packages containing fruit, drinks, and other snacks. The laborers, who work in 45 degree Celsius (113 degree Fahrenheit) heat while fasting, were grateful to receive these packs to break their fast. In addition to the 500 food packs made up by Arpin and DASA, the teams also built 200 hygiene packs that included necessary items such as toothpaste and soap.

This act of charity was helped made possible by our nonprofit, Arpin Strong, which provided financial assistance. It is opportunities such as this when we are most grateful to assist those internationally, as we extend the helping hand of Arpin Strong and grow its global presence!