Arpin Van Lines Proudly Supports Public Television

Arpin Van Lines is a proud supporter of public television through its work with Legacy List with Matt Paxton, which is an exciting series about families’ heirlooms, homes, and the memories that come with all of these things. 

Connecting with Heritage

Currently on its third season, each episode of Legacy List explores one family’s emotional journey sorting through their homes full of heirlooms and memories as they attempt to downsize or gear up for a relocation. 

Matt and his team of experts have each family compile a ‘legacy list’, or a list of essential items that are either missing or that they’d like to learn more about. This allows his team to uncover the story behind every item, and discover the different legacies left behind by relatives, families, and America as a whole. 

Legacy List goes beyond just being a show about downsizing. This Emmy-nominated series delves deep into the idea and struggle of holding onto the past while trying to move into the future, as well as how material items can hold so much meaning as they’re passed down through families. 

The show also explores the stories that go along with these items, and how its family that matters most, and maybe not the items themselves. 


Legacy List’s Mission

Downsizing your home or moving to a new home after living in one location for decades can be really difficult for people, no matter their age or reason for leaving. It can be an extremely emotional process to go through your things and reminisce on who may have given them to you or on the story behind them, and can make it very difficult to get rid of them. However, unfortunately, some things will have to go. 

For those imperative items that are too important to you or your family to dispose of, it can also help with the transition process to learn more about them, your family, and the changes the people who came before you have experienced to get you where you are today. Sometimes, after all, looking to the past can prepare you for the future. 

The show can also provide a resource and support for viewers who are looking to move or downsize, and who also might be struggling with their transition or letting go of items they’ve had for very long periods of time. 

It can be really helpful to see people go through exactly what you are, and to use that as a tool to allow you to go through your own things and determine what you’d like to keep and what it’s time to let go of. 

You might be surprised how empowering it can be for you to see others going through exactly what you are, and coming out on the other side excited for what their future brings them – especially if you’re not necessarily looking forward to downsizing or moving out of your existing home. 

Whether your home is full of rare collectibles, family heirlooms, or just a bunch of stuff you’ve accrued over the years, it’s healthy to take stock of what really helps you as a person and the things that hold the fondest memories of loved ones. This way, you can  hold on to the things that truly matter, without weighing yourself down with a ton of items that don’t hold that much value in the grand scheme of things. 

Sometimes, after all, we might just be holding on to what the material object represents, instead of the object itself.


The Importance of Public Television

We here at Arpin Van Lines know how important it is to support shows like Legacy List, and how important public television is for those looking for programming and stories from people just like them. It can be really hard to downsize on your own or to get rid of things that might hold fond memories, but by seeing Matt Paxton and his team work through the downsizing process with the individuals on this program, it can help you jumpstart your own downsizing process. 

Public television brings us important, unique programming that connects families all over the country, and that tells the stories of people just like us. 

As a proud supporter of public television, Arpin knows just how important it is for people to have easy and free access to programming that tells the stories of people just like them – and that’s why we show our support in any way we can!


How to Prepare for Downsizing

As we said prior, shows like Legacy List can be invaluable for those preparing for their own downsizing process, and for those who really don’t know where to start when it comes to sorting through items they’ve had for decades but maybe don’t actually need anymore. 

If you’re moving out of your family home soon, and are suddenly confronted with items decades and decades old that you now need to decide to get rid of or keep. Odds are, you’ve already gone through things once, but have wanted to keep everything – even if you won’t have room for it in your new home or residence! It’s unfortunate, but necessary to part with things you may have had for a long time, even if they have some sort of memory attached to them. After all, you still have that memory! The object just might serve a symbol of it, but getting rid of that doesn’t mean the memory is lost!

If you need an additional strategy to determine what to keep and what to get rid of before your relocation, make a ‘Legacy List’ of your own. Write down a list of items that you can’t part with, and do some of your own research into the history of each item, or even just reminisce on the significance this item might have for you. 

Prioritizing the importance of certain things can really put into perspective what you need, and what you can part with. 

Outside of your legacy list items, things can really pale in comparison as far as importance or priority for taking with you. In turn, downsizing or getting rid of these other items can be a lot easier, and make it easier for you to let go of them as you sell or donate them. You’ve had your time with these items – let them live on with another family and build another legacy for somebody else!


How Downsizing Allows You to Connect with Family

If you’re looking to downsize, it can also be a great chance to connect with your family, especially younger children who may not know as much about your family or heritage. As you categorize things you’d like to keep and ones you’d like to get rid of, you can even pass some things on to them so that they can cherish the things you don’t need anymore.

Even though downsizing is an emotional process, it’s a great opportunity to take a walk down memory lane with your kids or relatives as you go through things from your childhood, their childhood, or just the years past. Who knows, they may even want some of the stuff you were struggling to get rid of in the first place. 


Get Movers Here for You

When you’re decluttered, downsized, and ready to make the transition into your new place, make sure you’re using the movers that will prioritize the safety and security of your items, as well as the efficiency of your move. You’ve already had to part with a lot of things –  no need to wait a long time to have the stuff you’ve kept delivered to you, anyway! 

For your most stress-free and thorough move possible, look no further than Arpin Van Lines. From packing, to the move itself, and delivery, we’ve got you taken care of in all aspects. Plus, for things you can’t fit but still want to have possession of, we’ve got great, flexible storage options to ensure that your things are kept safe for as long or as short as you need our services for. 

Downsizing and relocating to a new home after living in your family home for an extended period isn’t easy for anyone, and can be a really emotional process, no matter how many items you might have. Unfortunately, some downsizing is probably going to need to be done – but with the stories told by Legacy List, it might just be a little bit easier to tackle your own project. 

Take inspiration from those just like you and explore your family’s rich history and legacy while getting ready for your next chapter. Get excited for the future, and have the right moving company by your side as you do so! Contact Arpin Van Lines today for more information.